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Worry about mold and further damage

Assessors from Efla take out the damage Almost three weeks have passed since a large cold water pipe broke and over two thousand tons of water flowed into the buildings of the University of Iceland. The pipeline broke due to mistakes made during Veitur’s construction on Suðurgata. Plaster walls were destroyed, ventilation was damaged, wooden furniture swelled and wiring became unusable. The university has hired assessors from the engineering firm Efla to take out the damage, they make various measurements and drill holes in the walls. “Hopefully they can return us some picture of the damage next week,” says Kristinn Jóhannesson, director of the University of Iceland’s Department of Engineering and Technology.

Still moisture in floors and furniture It depends on getting this food because only when it is available can the houses be restored. “It has now been dried up here as much as possible, but we know that there is still moisture in the floors and furniture which only continues to be damaged,” says Kristinn, he has some concerns about mold formation in these conditions.

The classrooms will not be used until this autumn Jón Atli Benediktsson, Rector of the University of Iceland, says clearly that the classrooms will not be used in the coming months, it must be teach elsewhere or continue online. “We do not foresee that the teaching can start until next autumn. This is a large-scale project and it is just being undertaken, take action. ”

Unclear who should repair the damage It is believed that the damage runs into hundreds of millions. Neither Kristinn nor Jón Atli want to shoot for a more precise amount. The university wants the damage compensated, given the external damage, but it is unclear who should pay; VÍS insurance company Veitur, Vörður who insures SS contractor or TM insurance company of the engineering firm Mannvits. “I do not expect the insurance companies to come up with anything until there is an assessment from a court-appointed assessor,” says Kristinn.

It must be decided whether any of the companies can be considered liable and if a dispute arises, it may have to be resolved in court. “Things may happen a little slowly in our opinion, but that’s just the way it is,” says Kristinn.

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