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With 20 million overdraft: “I'm just done with it”

Nursing homes have had to be overdrawn and some are heading for bankruptcy because payments from Sjúkratryggingar for additional costs in connection with the epidemic have not been received. This was said by the chairman of the Association of Companies in Welfare Services in the news yesterday. He said that households have more than a billion inside. The CEO of Sjúkratryggingar says that data is missing from some homes so that the money can be paid out.

One of the nursing homes that has had to get into debt is Lundur á Hella.

“We have an 20 million overdrafts and outstanding of 15 millions so we never have be equal, financially, “says Margrét Ýrr Sigurgeirsdóttir, director of nursing.

What explains this situation in short?

“First of all, we are receiving incorrect daily fees due to errors in registration in the years 2017 and 2018. So we are far behind in daily fees and have been waiting all year 2020 for answers and to get a correction, but we do not get answers from Sjúkratryggingar. ”

Returning the keys Margrét says that last year’s wage increases cost the household close to 20 millions retroactively, but no wage compensation has been received. The cost of COVID has reached eight million. It has proved necessary to undertake optimization because of this.

“Yes, very much. We have all the claws out there and we have laid off staff and this is just boring. ”

Has this situation affected household members?

“No, not yet. But I do not know how this will end if we do not get a correction and do not get paid these costs. It would just return the key, but there is nothing available in our case. But that would be best. ”

Margrét says that this situation is starting to take on a lot mentally.

” Yes, I’m just saying, I’m just done with it. I admit it and have started talking about it outwardly that this is not possible. It is not possible to run a home under these circumstances. I have not felt it before, but it is not possible. ”

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