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Which player needs a better goal celebration?

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adidas exclusive: Shaw x PineroVideo

Shaw admits he is impatient to play in front of our unrivalled supporters again and hopes to experience that goal-scoring feeling, having become a potent attacking threat this season. 

“I would love the fans to be back so bad because you know I’m missing the noise,” explains Luke in his chat with United fan Harry Pinero for adidas.

“Hopefully I can score soon and I want the fans in to celebrate because the lads were saying yesterday, it’s not normal when you score!”

Expanding on the dressing room conversations about fans, Shaw jokes there is one member of the squad who needs to up their game when it comes to celebrations. 

“I said to Jamo [Daniel James] yesterday, ‘we need to get you a new celebration because what you’re doing isn’t good enough!’

“He’s like a little kid isn’t he? He just doesn’t know what to do, he just runs about.”

Of course, it’s only natural that we allow our Wales international the opportunity to defend himself, so we’ll make sure to ask him about his goal celebration – or lack of – in the coming weeks.  

In James’s defence, his shows of passion after scoring have been extremely well received by fans throughout his flourishing United career – none more so than his debut goal against Chelsea at Old Trafford in August 2019.

Daniel has been in top scoring form of late, but Luke wants his celebrations to improve!


Elsewhere in his adidas interview, Shaw discusses his much-praised performances this season and admits it has been a confidence boost to receive so many plaudits. 

“Nowadays the way I play I think a lot of people are thinking that I was holding back [in the past] and knew what I could do,” he explains with a smile. 

“I’m feeling good with creating and obviously my target for each game is to win the game for the team with whatever I can do. Now I’m loving going forward, trying to help and create for the team.”

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