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Went to a restaurant but was supposed to be quarantined

One American and three Europeans were sitting in a restaurant in the center of Reykjavík on Sunday night. An employee then heard them talking to each other that they had escaped quarantine and alerted the police. Jóhann Karl Þórisson, assistant chief of police, says that the men had left when the police arrived, but that the tracking team has given the police information about where they could possibly live. “They were gone when we arrived, but the tracking team has given us information on where they could possibly live, so we are investigating with that address,” says Jóhann Karl.

Were sent out land The police visited the accommodation that the men gave up on arrival in the country, but they were not there. This afternoon it was revealed that the men had come here on behalf of a company, which sent them out of the country when the management got the weather out of their behavior.

“This is serious. We have these rules and we intend to follow them and in fact we are trusting people to follow these recommendations. If people are deliberately breaking this, the police must address it, “says Jóhann Karl.

Tightened border controls for inspection examine how further action can be taken at the border. Þórólfur Guðnason, Epidemiologist, will send proposals to the Minister of Health in the next few days. “First of all, it is possible to sharpen various work processes and verify the information that tourists bring, whether they provide the correct telephone number, the correct address and address, where they intend to be and so on. It is possible to require people to have a negative certificate before they arrive, as is the case in many European countries, and then, if there is any doubt as to whether people will quarantine, it is possible to oblige people to stay in an epidemic. ”

No one was diagnosed with the coronary virus yesterday, neither domestically nor at the border. Þórólfur says that it is possible to submit proposals for relaxation in Iceland sooner than has been expected. “I think it will be like this if it goes on so well.”

1st 200 man vaccinated today Twelve hundred nursing home staff were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine today. The group receives the second injection after three months. On Tuesday, it was revealed that Pfizer’s fourth phase of research will not take place in Iceland, and Þórólfur does not expect to negotiate with another pharmaceutical company for such a study. “We have had one meeting with AstraZeneca. It’s been a while since they were and they were going to contact me then but I have not heard from them so I do not expect it to yield much and I do not think it is desirable to be wasting time and effort in it. ”

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