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“We repeatedly heard that there were just no women”

“In the business world, there is an ever-increasing demand for people with knowledge of networks, hosting and this operational part of technology. There has been an increase in the number of women studying computer science and software engineering, but studies in systems management have lagged a bit behind. That’s why we wanted to see if any women out there might be interested in this, “says Þóra Rut Jónsdóttir, a human resources specialist at Advania, about why Advania, Íslandsbanki, NTV and Prómennt joined forces to support one woman to study systems management.

“We have been focusing on equality issues and looking at the status of the business, such as the gender ratios of employees in different areas. It turned out that very few women work as system administrators with us. We began to think about it and were repeatedly told that there were just no women learning systems management. After some thought, we decided to launch a pilot project and see if we could change it, “adds her namesake, Þóra Tómasdóttir, Advania’s information officer.

In Atvinnulíf in Today and tomorrow we report on the initiative project of the business community and schools, which is intended to promote the increased participation of women in studies in systems management.

The idea comes into being

According to Þóra Rutar and Þóra, the idea first came up in an in-house discussion on equality issues.

“We had been in a conversation with Íslandsbanki on sustainability and equality issues earlier this year and we decided to try to hear from them and see if they would not be willing to take part in this with us. They took it well, as few women work in the bank’s technology infrastructure as well. Then we contacted the schools. Representatives of the schools were also very positive about initiatives to increase women’s participation, “says Þóra Rut about the beginning.

Þóra also says that research shows that there is a knowledge gap between the technological knowledge that companies need and the technical knowledge of the staff. The situation in this is that advances in technology are so rapid that companies and schools cannot cope with the pace of retraining.

“Although we have not yet begun to feel this, it is quite clear that There is a great demand for people with a technical education and great opportunities available, “says Þóra and adds:” We believe in opening up this opportunity to more people, regardless of gender, more people will be able to come and work in technology. It is important that the most diverse group of people opposes the future working environment of all of us. ”

The project will be created

Learning in system management say the names are challenging, practical and practical. The study takes only two semesters and based on the demand in the business world, it can open various doors. In light of the gender gap in the industry, it was decided to work on the project from a gender equality perspective. )

In order to encourage women to apply, it was decided to get women who already work as system administrators to tell their story. An open web meeting was held for those interested, where recordings of the experiences of women who have completed their studies were shown. These women work for either Advania or Íslandsbanki.

We asked them to tell us about themselves, why they went to study, what it has given to them and what they are working on today. Interesting but different stories emerged with the consensus that system administrators need to be technically savvy, solution-oriented, service-minded and good at solving puzzles, “

says Þóra.

In the accompanying video, Brynja Dóra Birgisdóttir from Advania talks about her experience of studying systems management and how she has experienced the job. The video was shown at the aforementioned introductory meeting for interested women about the scholarship.

Immediately after the meeting, applications began to arrive.

We slipped blindly into the sea with the project and did not know what the receipts would be. Immediately after the web meeting, we saw applications for both schools pile up.

We received over forty scholarship applications, invited three for an interview and then invited finally one scholarship to study systems management. She is starting her studies this semester. Both Advania and Íslandsbanki will subsequently offer her an internship, “says Þóra Rut.

Incentives for more women

The names of the project also say that it has had the effect that more women applied to take the system management course at NTV and Prómennt.

What happened Surprising was the attendance that the schools received as a result, but of those who are starting to study systems management this semester, women are for the first time in a decisive majority in one school and half of the students in the other. This is a big increase from what it was before, “

says Þóra.

” With a year of study in systems management, women can enter a growing industry around the world where there are opportunities for good income. It is also interesting to mention systems management studies as a way to retrain or a way out of unemployment. The schools do not require a matriculation examination or a university degree, “says Þóra Rut.

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