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We receive more vaccine doses than expected

The European Union and the vaccine manufacturer Pfizer have entered into an additional agreement to purchase at least 76 million doses of vaccine, according to Norwegian media today. AstraZeneca is expected to receive more doses from EU countries than expected. Iceland will thus receive more vaccine doses than previously expected.

Bent Høie, the Norwegian Minister of Health reported this at a press conference today that the European Union and Pfizer had agreed on the purchase of million) doses of the vaccine in addition to the already agreed doses. The possibility of purchasing had also been agreed upon. a million doses on top of that.

Bent Høie, Minister of Health of Norway. EPA / Håkon Mosvold Larsen

Norway gets 2, 26 million doses of these additional doses in addition to the option to purchase 1.2 million doses. Høie also expected that from these additional doses would come to Norway immediately in April, May and June.

In addition had AstraZeneca announced that the company could increase its production capacity by 34 percent over the same period. Thus, a total of 2.4 million extra doses of vaccine could be expected to Norway compared to what was previously expected.

Richard Bengström, Head of Vaccination in Sweden said in an interview with SVT today that Sweden will receive much more doses from AstraZeneca than previously expected; um 15 percent more doses in March and in the second quarter the doses will be 34 percent more than expected. He said he was hopeful that all adult Swedes would have been vaccinated this summer.

Do not know how many the extra doses will be

According to information received by the Ministry of Health, more doses of vaccine are coming to Iceland due to this EU agreement than previously expected. However, it has not been confirmed how large the increase will be.

Ríkisútvarpið points out that Icelanders receive 6.8 percent of the number of doses that Norwegians receive. Accordingly, Icelanders should thus receive an extra ”) thousand doses in April, May and June, which is enough for just over 32 thousand people. In total, the extra doses would be in number.

It is stated in the overview of the delivery schedule of vaccines from the Ministry of Health yesterday that Iceland’s agreements with Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca guarantee a vaccine for 286 a thousand people. There were no confirmed long-term delivery plans until the end of March from the three manufacturers. That said, however, it would be realistic to expect a significant increase in the delivery of vaccines in the second quarter, ie. during the period April to June.



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Four were diagnosed with the coronary virus domestically yesterday. Not many people have been diagnosed with the virus domestically in one day since then 28. January.

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Many police, firefighters and paramedics in the capital area are behaving badly today. Many have reported sick today and others are lame on duty. The reason is a reaction to the second vaccination injection that the aforementioned groups received in Laugardalshöll yesterday.

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Twelve hundred people were vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine against the coronary virus at the premises of the Capital Area Health Care on Suðurlandsbraut today. Vaccination went very well, according to the director of nursing.

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Þórólfur Guðnason, Epidemiologist, says that nothing has ever been clear regarding the possible fourth phase of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer in Iceland on its vaccine against Covid – 15. No agreement was on the table, no draft agreement or commitment on the part of Pfizer.

14. February 5745 12: 38 2021 55068080

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