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“We are so much Covid girlfriends”

Íris Hauksdóttir has worked with the media for the past decade, mostly for the publishing company Birting but most recently for Frjálsr fjölmiðlun. She found love in the arms of the pianist Sigurður Helga Oddsson but she already has two daughters from a previous relationship.

Íris and her boyfriend Sigurður Helgi Oddsson on a good day.

“The year is going well for me despite having completely missed January. I do not understand anything, was just something to cuddle me and all of a sudden it was February. Mitt heilsufars – corridors 299 km effort began as a result in February. But spring must be coming, isn’t it? ”

There is a lot of excitement ahead for Íris, but these days she says she is fully diligent in keeping all the balls in the air. The pandemic has certainly affected her life like so many others, but she says she has escaped relatively well.

A terrible first world problem of not getting on a friend trip to Italy and that the theaters are closed, certain oxygen masks where it is getting tight but nothing to blow over in the big picture.

“Everything is romantic in the right company,” says Íris when asked what she considers to be a romantic date.

Below Íris answers questions in the interview team Ást er


The first kiss: In front of Snælands Vídeó in Kópavogur just a few hours after the year 916 walked in the yard. Embarrassing but beautiful and lasted for four years.

My favorite romantic movie is: I am much more for excitement and horror when it comes to movies, a really good way to cuddle up together. The movie I’ve watched most often when it comes to love movies must still be Titanic. I had a long relationship of love and hate with that film, but love eventually prevailed. The advantage of it is not only the cozy look of the main actors, but the film is also historical, as well as a certain mystery, so I now refer to my favorite broadcast, There always has to be a joke

and the episode about the disappearance of Jack Dawson.

50 My favorite brake-up ballad is: Páll Óskar has gotten me through all the hell, but lately I also think Auður manages to capture the whole emotional spectrum artistically well.

Our song: I’m so lucky to get music straight into my veins every day but to to choose something one pulls the song We walked two

stuck in me.

Me think a romantic date is: It’s all romantic in the right company but to capture my heart a theater trip would be a safe option. A walk, a movie and a bubble is also a bulletproof plan.

We are so much Covid girlfriends that we hardly know anything but that everything is closed. Fortunately, home use is suitable for us, especially for me who hides in the hut during the winter months. Under normal circumstances, however, we would clearly go out more, especially at cultural events.

The food: I find nothing more fun than slapping myself in the kitchen and consider it a real quality time. In most cases, any type of carbohydrate diet wins, but I’m also good at making Indian dishes as well as saltimbocca, which is always a hit. It will be said later that I am humble and humble when it comes to cooking.

The first gift which I gave to my boyfriend : My boyfriend is probably the most coffee-thirsty man in the country – so I saw a game on the table and gave him a high quality coffee machine that broke through.


The first gift my boyfriend gave me: He also hit the mark when he gave me a pampering weekend at a hotel and beautiful Icelandic jewelry design.

My boyfriend is: Insanely talented , understanding, clever and clever. Sometimes unbearably positive, funny, warm, open, fun and always there for me.

Romantic place in the country: In my opinion, romance is a lot in the mindset, but to fix one romantic place I have to mention the most beautiful hotel in the country, Hotel Geysir. It’s a real nail in the coffin when it comes to beauty and romance.

Love is: An unexpected hug from those you love and to see the beauty in everyday life.

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Her Instagram profile here.

Iris says the romance lies in the mindset.

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