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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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WATCH: Michael Owen slams Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s lack of managerial philosophy as Man United crisis deepens

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign as Manchester United is hanging by a thread after Saturday’s 2-0 home defeat against Manchester City and now Michael Owen has ripped apart his tactical planning and approach in scathing comments that have gone viral on social media channels.

olskjaer’s troubled reign at United continues to hit new lows, with their abject performance against City adding to the pressure mounting around the Norwegian coach.

Now former United striker Owen has added to the debate, as he suggested Solskjaer’s lack of defined philosophy is the biggest flaw in his make-up after almost three years in charge at Old Trafford.

“Manchester United have collected a fantastic array of players but they don’t look like a team whereas Pep Guardiola, whatever team he manages they’ve got a distinct style of play,” he told Premier League Productions.

“That’s what you look for in a manager and a coach is to put your impression on it.

“It’s a surprise that you turn up and with Manchester United you don’t know what formation they’re going to play.

“They are collecting a load of players, all these great players from around the world and they are chopping and changing all the time.

“You’ve got to be able to see further than the end of your nose and think this is the way we’re going to play no matter what. We are going to buy players for these positions and now let’s play this way.

“If things go wrong and you concede five against Liverpool you don’t think the defence is rubbish, let’s go and put one more player in there. It’s ridiculous.”

You can watch Owen’s full rant below, with United legend Paul Scholes listening in with some discomfort on the side of the Old Trafford pitch:

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