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Wants to have more fun and less boring

When Guðný Helga Herbertsdóttir, director of digital development at VÍS, turned forty, she set herself the goal of having more fun but less boring. This goal has worked well, not least in the time of Covid. Guðný Helga says that she is such an artistic woman in organization that the family often makes fun of her. Then she says she learned a lot from the internet, for example she learned to knit from YouTube.

In a coffee chat on weekends we talk to people in different backgrounds retiring. We always ask when people wake up in the morning, what is the first thing they do and when do people go to bed. We also ask about the organization and the main tasks at work.

When do you wake up in the morning?

“Heimir, Gulli and Þráinn always wake me up at seven o’clock.”

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

“I wish I could say I go to the gym or do something major constructive for work. The first thing I do, however, is read my emails, scan the news media, and view the day’s schedule.

My time has mostly been in the car on the way to work but then I listen to an audiobook or a broadcast. “

What is the most fun thing you do in your free time?

“I have many hobbies and it is always added to that list. When I turned forty, I set myself the goal of having more fun and less boring. I have done incredibly well with that goal despite the general Covid boredom last year.

I have it to immerse myself in certain things and I have, for example, learned various things from Youtube, such as knitting.

I also enjoy cooking and playing outdoors, for example on skis or playing golf. My number one passion, however, is angling and I enjoy myself nowhere better than in that occupation. I also take every opportunity to go to our cottage but I always feel best in the countryside. ”

Guðný Helgi’s favorite hobby is angling and she also uses every opportunity given to go up to a summer house. Vísir / Vilhelm

What project are you working on these days?

“Despite the various challenges posed by the pandemic, it accelerated digital development in many parts of society. Also with us at VÍS.

In the last three years, we have launched many new digital solutions and our customers can now report all damages and get a solution almost immediately for the most common damages, enter into business and access all the main information on VÍS. is.

We are on this journey and regularly present innovations in this field. The next one is around the corner, but it is a completely new way of insurance in this country that we have full faith in falling into good soil with our customers. ”

How do you organize yourself at work?

“I am generally very organized in the tasks I undertake, whether it is work or private life. For example, my Christmas and Christmas cooking schedules have been a lot of fun in the family!

I work a lot with to-do lists and timelines for ongoing projects. I put a lot of effort into a good flow of information and open communication in my team.

In recent months, I have ended each work week reviewing the victories of the week with the management of the stage I direct. It both helps me keep track of the results we are achieving but also sends everyone well into the weekend. Highly recommend this! ”

When do you go to bed at night?

“I am by nature a pretty big B person and often get my best ideas when other family members go to bed.

If I have had such an evening, I also use the morning to go over whether the idea was a genius or a complete nonsense! There is often a thin line in between. This nightmare of mine causes me to go to bed too late and there is no room for imitation. ”


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Svanhildur Hólm Valsdóttir, CEO of the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, starts the day by petting her kittens. She says her husband sleeps through the first part of the morning routine but wakes up to the war when she starts to get ready. Svanhildur says she is a great artist in the organization and has a tendency to fall into some super gear at night.

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Guðmundur Pálsson, managing director of the advertising agency Pipar / TBWA, says that he usually falls asleep quickly at night. Sometimes, however, such good ideas pop up for customers that he wakes up happy. However, these “pillow ideas” turn out to be bad the next day when you come to work. In golf, Guðmundur works systematically to bring the handicap down to ten.

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