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Wants it to be recorded that John Snorri has reached the summit

“This is just awful bad news. These have been strange days. Our thoughts are with John’s family and his children, “says Kári. He took John Snorra on an expedition to the mountains of Lhotse, K2 and Broad Peak almost four years ago, in the summer. Kári says that John Snorri actually set a record in how short a time he managed K2 and then Broad Peak in the sequel.

John Snorra was accompanied by Juan Pablo Mohr from Chile, Ali Sadpara and his son Sajid. The parents are from Pakistan. Sajid had to disappear when they reached the so-called bottleneck about 400 meters from the peak around ten o’clock local time on Friday morning.

Sajid told reporters yesterday that he believed the trio had reached the summit because it had not started to hiss until late at night. Kári also thinks that they have reached the top of K2.

Most accidents will be on the way down “Given where they were on the mountain and what they had come high, I really think that it should be removed from all doubt that they have reached the top and that this has happened on the decline. I somehow feel that the country and the nation and the whole world should give it to them, “says Kári. “There is a very high probability that they have recovered. I think it should be taken into account and taken seriously that he managed to top K2 this winter and be the first Icelander, “says Kári. Most mountaineering accidents occur on the way down when people are tired. No trace of John and company was found. It was decided to stop the search for a while or until the weather clears. According to the weather forecast, visibility seems to improve on the mountain on Wednesday.

Kári describes John Snorra as a sincere mountaineering enthusiast. Although the journey on K2 was risky, the decision was made in consultation with the family.

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