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Wants 4-5% of doses to be distributed to developing countries

Emmanuel Macron President of France. AFP

French President Emmanuel Macron has called on European countries and the United States to send up to 5% of their vaccine doses to developing countries. Macron says that if a vaccine is not shared between countries, it will increase global inequality even further.

The vast majority of vaccinations have taken place in more affluent countries. Macron drew attention to his idea of ​​increasing inequality in the distribution of vaccines in the run-up to today’s G7 teleconference.

The White House has already announced that US President Joe Biden is ready to allocate up to $ 4 billion, 515 to the International Vaccination Project. Covax.

“We are not talking about billions of doses right away or billions of euros. It’s more about disposing of 4-5% of the doses we have at the moment, “said Macron.

“It would not affect our vaccination campaigns, but each country should set aside a small number of doses they have to carry them forward and fast, so that people can see that this is happening, “said Macron.

Macron said German Chancellor Angela Merkel had already declared support for a European vaccine distribution project and he hoped to get US support as well. If such a project is not established, Russia and China will bridge the gap and thus “open up a war of ideas over vaccines”.

BBC News.

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