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Valitor warns against fraud related to Bitcoin

Auglýsingar fyrir Bitcoin sem reynast falskar yfirlýsingar þekktra aðila og …

Advertisements for Bitcoin that turn out to be false statements by well-known people and are in fact fraud have regularly circulated on social media.

Valitor has issued a warning warning of fake news that has been circulating on social media, especially Facebook, where well-known Icelanders are made to say in an interview how they have profited from Bitcoin trading. Subsequently, people are encouraged to invest in their payment cards with their credit cards.

Valitor says that this is a fraud that has appeared in several versions and that it is good implemented. Of course, there are many people who trade in electronic currency in a legal way, but the advertisements in question are fraud. to get to know who the merchant is each time.

“It is therefore important in these cases as well as others that cardholders stop when they intend to provide their card information and check, for example, the dealer is in fact. In some cases, fraudsters are using verification codes through Visa Certification via SMS. The code indicates which transaction is being requested for verification, merchant, amount and currency. If a transaction is confirmed by a seller with such a verification code, it is uncertain that the right to reclaim it exists. Unfortunately, there are cases where cardholders have lost large sums of money due to this type of fraud. “

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