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Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Uber loses important case in the UK Supreme Court

The taxi service Uber lost a big case before the British Supreme Court today. AFP

Drivers who drive on behalf of the taxi service Uber are employees of the company and are therefore entitled to the minimum wage, holiday purchases and coffee breaks. This is the conclusion of the Supreme Court of Great Britain, but a judgment in a case against Uber fell in court today in a case that is very important for the company’s business model and could even threaten it.

In the conclusion of the court said that the terms in agreements between the employer and the drivers would be entirely controlled by Uber as well as working conditions. It also states that the working hours of drivers are not only the time spent driving with passengers, but also the time when drivers are registered in the company’s system and waiting for passengers.

Today’s ruling marks the end of Uber’s five-year battle in the UK for the status of its drivers and another stumbling block in the UK’s street, where it has its largest European market.

The case is now before a special court that determines how much the company has to pay the 25 drivers who originally sued the company in the year 2016. About 1. 000 Other similar cases have been filed against Uber, but they had been postponed until a decision in this exemplary case is available.

Uber’s struggle over the position of its drivers continues in many parts of the world, but this month the European Union is expected to issue a recommendation on the gig economy.

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