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Monday, December 4, 2023

Tweets of the Week: The Rock goes full David Beckham, Bellingham’s mum, poppy season

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We’ve found the best tweets from Football Twitter over the past week so you don’t have to scroll through the Hellscape that is ‘X’. 

Aside from the fact the jersey is a fake replica of a kit David Beckham never wore and the hair style is from his days at Real Madrid, I’d say The Rock nailed his Halloween costume. 

❤️🤩 The Rock dressed up as David Beckham for halloween celebrations…

David Beckham replied: “I mean I thought I was looking in the mirror, looking good man… you might need a bigger jersey though!” 🤣🤝 pic.twitter.com/9KE1CphGWX

— EuroFoot (@eurofootcom) November 1, 2023

Ed Norton, meanwhile, pulled off the Beckham look very well, but the actor loses points for not sporting the curtains. It’s essential if you’re going for the 1999 look. 

Ed Norton went dressed as David Beckham to a Halloween party in LA 😂 pic.twitter.com/MmLBLxj0w8

— Cult Kits (@cultkits) October 31, 2023

From Hallow’s Eve straight into poppy season. 


There will be a pitch inspection at 10 o’clock this morning following a complication that occured during the installation of our giant Remembrance poppy on the Vale Terrace stand.

We will keep you updated.#SRFC pic.twitter.com/SZv03X6GPE

— Streatham Rovers Football Club (@StreathamRovers) November 4, 2023

The worst ever starts to a Premier League season

You just know Jude Bellingham’s mum is not a woman to be trifled with. 

Jude’s mum facial expression always says “Job not finished” https://t.co/o0AQI93r0b

— Marrotti (@AliquamScripto) October 31, 2023

🗣️ Jude Bellingham: “All of them people say ‘oh he’s so mature’ and I can’t even get changed on my own.” pic.twitter.com/QPvMNMgeSx

— Madrid Xtra (@MadridXtra) October 31, 2023

Mikel Arteta is ready and waiting for The Second Coming. 

Hasn’t this been baffling theologians for years?
It’s probably unfair to expect the manager of Arsenal to know. pic.twitter.com/0NQe1LzXVX

— Phil Harrison (@MrPMHarrison) November 4, 2023

Well, this is embarrassing. 

Arsenal U18s’ game away to Brighton today was postponed after the team bus travelled to Bournemouth instead of Brighton. https://t.co/qe4FXCToEi

— Jeorge Bird (@jeorgebird) November 4, 2023

Even the Liverpool manager winces at how bad Man United are these days. 

Jurgen Klopp’s reaction to seeing @ManUtd thrashed at home by @NUFC 😂 pic.twitter.com/ZyXY5jMUsG

— Hayters TV (@HaytersTV) November 1, 2023

Every Man Utd signing under Ten Hag amid £410m transfer spend

And with stats like this, who could blame him?

So far tonight, Manchester United have had more captains than shots on target (3-2).

— Richard Jolly 🇺🇦 (@RichJolly) November 1, 2023

Jadon Sancho’s master plan is coming together nicely. 

At this point Sancho is staying longer than Ten Hag in Manchester United #MUNNEW


— Høj (@HojlundPR) November 1, 2023

Five possible replacements for Ten Hag as Man Utd manager

Or at least it was, until Ten Hag summoned the power of Jesus Christ to get away with a late win at the weekend. 

The Lamentation, by Luis de Morales, 1560, 📸 by Ash Donelon pic.twitter.com/5fSDeM2GSg

— ArtButMakeItSports (@ArtButSports) November 4, 2023

Kai Havertz was making a galaxy brain play when he lunged in on Sean Longstaff. 

Arteta to Kai Havertz after that tackle getting 3 Newcastle players booked pic.twitter.com/Xs66N8zRBi

— Dan Murphy (@DanMurphy__) November 4, 2023

Scottish football is truly a different breed. 

Morton have just wished a happy birthday to a 37 year old fan whose hobbies are “football and vaping”. Fair enough.

— Graeme Macpherson (@Graeme_Macphers) October 31, 2023

Can’t say I had ‘Lazio striker Ciro Immobile being a guest judge on Drag Race’ on my 2023 bingo card. 

Ciro Immobile has done more for the LGBTQ+ community in sixty seconds than Jordan Henderson did in his entire career x pic.twitter.com/yKKJbW8QPe

— blake (@blake2108) November 3, 2023

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British viewers of the Copa Libertadores final are not beating the hipster allegations, I’m afraid. 

Me on the way to grab some craft beer and bao buns before the Copa Liberdatores this weekend pic.twitter.com/CoOJHuvs2M

— Oli Philip (@OliPhilip_) November 2, 2023

That feeling when you become a hostage to fortune. 


— Alex (@alexdunnesf) November 4, 2023

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