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Tweets of the Week: Carragher on tour, Ipswich go up, Erling Haaland

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Here are the best and funniest tweets from Football Twitter over the past week. 

Someone had the bright idea of lobbing Jamie Carragher right into the middle of the Yellow Wall at Dortmund last week. 

.@Carra23 is living his best life out in Dortmund 😂🍻 pic.twitter.com/YXXv5Ed3tn

— CBS Sports Golazo ⚽️ (@CBSSportsGolazo) May 1, 2024

After about eight pints, Carra got a little handsy with Jadon Sancho. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy @Sanchooo10’s postgame interview with @Carra23 and @Pschmeichel1 🤣 🖤💛 pic.twitter.com/51ofqzbDOW

— CBS Sports Golazo ⚽️ (@CBSSportsGolazo) May 1, 2024

Can Daniel Sturridge give us the lotto numbers for next week?

Sane will be a big problem tonight. Goal for him and a pen for Kane

— Daniel Sturridge (@DanielSturridge) April 30, 2024

Give Erling Haaland’s social media manager a raise. 

May the 𝟒𝐭𝐡 be with you! 😁 pic.twitter.com/vqHgHW9dOQ

— Erling Haaland (@ErlingHaaland) May 4, 2024

Erling Haaland delivers brutal riposte to Roy Keane jibe

Just the 25 Premier League goals for the Norwegian striker this season. 

“Cole palmer is just a goal behind haaland”

Erling Haaland: pic.twitter.com/6FvulbZfC1

— gvardiolszn (@etihadstoner) May 4, 2024

Roy Keane, however, continues to have a go at the son of his favourite former adversary. 

“Behaving like a spoilt brat”

Roy Keane is not holding back about Erling Haaland 😬 pic.twitter.com/GKiGV44zR8

— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) May 5, 2024

Remembering Roy Keane’s horror ‘tackle’ on Haaland

Ipswich Town secured promotion to the Premier League, beating Leeds United to second place in the Championship. 

Ipswich promoted 🎉

We now go live to Elland Rd….


— Jay Motty (@JayMotty) May 4, 2024

At the other end of the table, Birmingham City were relegated to League One. You might have thought they were…

Too good to go down pic.twitter.com/KDTv3PnLHD

— Bryan’s Gunn (@bryansgunn) May 4, 2024

Every club to have fallen from Premier League to League One

A hundred people between him and the goal, but this Birmingham City fan still puts the ball top bins. And probably on the same number of pints as Carragher, too. 

Relegated, but our sense of humour remains 😂 #bcfc pic.twitter.com/TFucdiSbTw

— Mr. Greedy (@RockyKL) May 4, 2024

It was all happening in the second tier this past weekend. Send your thoughts and prayers to the Boiler Man. 

Boiler mans fucking dead #wba pic.twitter.com/CkjlyeiW46

— Harley Bedford (@bedford_harley) May 4, 2024

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is not impressed by the state of Manchester United’s facilities. 

Ratcliffe going through club premises like: pic.twitter.com/sujngFOeSx

— Carl Anka (@Ankaman616) May 3, 2024

Spurs losing both games to Chelsea this season is just Ange Postecoglou keeping in touch with his Aussie roots.

Ange losing home and away to neighbours is a subtle touch

— Duncan Alexander (@oilysailor) May 2, 2024

Winning promotion like an absolute king. See you in the Football League, Bromley. 

This was Bromley’s captain before taking the winning penalty in today’s National League play-off final.

1) wearing an EFL captains armband BEFORE being in the EFL

2) smirking & raising his eyebrows at the keeper before tucking it away

Get him on the ✈️pic.twitter.com/6bFn2dPPCv

— Football Ramble (@FootballRamble) May 5, 2024

What a great father. 

Photographer sent us this from yesterday. My dad behind me “Matt! Matt! It’s 3-0, 3-0!!!” 🤣🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/onylpPvQh4

— Matt (@MBEdits7) April 29, 2024

We thought rigor mortis had set in. 

Who paused the fella on the right 😭😭 https://t.co/L8EN348Uvz

— Rio (@riobeare) April 28, 2024

Crystal Palace closing in on the midtable trophy yet again. 

Palace’s entire stint in the Prem: https://t.co/andH540OH3 pic.twitter.com/p3T0JhpZbH

— Mikey (@MMcC_86) May 2, 2024

Meanwhile in France…

City Football Group owned Troyes face successive relegations, to France’s 3rd tier. Fans throw flares and shout “Merci City” as game v Valenciennes is abandoned. Record signing Savio on loan at CFG Girona joins Man City next having never played for Troyes. pic.twitter.com/Dt4APB8BPX

— James Nalton (@JDNalton) May 3, 2024

This might be the best goal you’ve never seen before. 

Found this Henry goal vs Weiz in decent quality finally. Insane goal pic.twitter.com/nNI5uQ9MgH

— Souster98 (@Souster98_YT) May 3, 2024

Now that’s what you call cat-like reflexes. 

I can’t stop laughing 😂 pic.twitter.com/jytQRBXT4j

— Tweets of Cats (@PostsOfCats) May 1, 2024

Mikel Arteta is properly over talking about contentious refereeing decisions. 

Respect Arteta’s honesty when asked about VAR calls:

“The honest answer is I haven’t seen any of the incidents because I knew you were going to ask me. I did it on purpose. The analysts said do you want to watch it and I said no because then I can tell the truth.”


— Simon Collings (@sr_collings) May 4, 2024

We need an answer. 

Is there a scientific explanation as to why most of the American goalies who have played in the Premier League were bald? pic.twitter.com/Odev0mOtgm

— Luke (@_luke1878_) May 1, 2024

The minions were out in force. 

Tonight we steal, the moon! https://t.co/1TiUQcFbjR

— CB🇾🇪 (@CB1878_) May 1, 2024

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