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Trump's lawyers will conclude their case tomorrow

Former United States President Donald Trump’s defense attorneys’ case in the U.S. Senate says he will finish his speech tomorrow. This means that his team of lawyers will only use almost two days to present their case before the parliament.

This Trump’s adviser, Jason Miller, announced on Twitter today.

The Democrats’ lawyers will probably end their speeches today, but they started yesterday, Wednesday. A verdict could be reached over the weekend as Trump’s lawyer David Schoen withdrew his request for leave from sunset on Friday until Saturday.

Trump was charged with misconduct about a month ago but this is the second time the former president has been charged with such an offense. It is anticipated that these subsequent trials will be considerably shorter than the previous ones that took place during the year , but Republican lawmakers have signaled they are not ready to vote with a conviction. In order for Trump to be convicted, all fifty Democrats and seventeen Republicans must vote in favor.

Trump is standing in front of a crowd of supporters in Washington on January 6 the latter. Later that day, a group of his supporters stormed the parliament building. Trump is charged with his alleged involvement in the attack. Tasos Katopodis / Getty

Although likely Trump’s lawyers, Bruce Castor and Schoen, have been criticized for their work in the case, including by the former president himself, for poor performance in his speech on Tuesday.

The decision on Tuesday that the trial does not go against the US Constitution, in which six Republicans voted with the Democrats. Bill Cassidy, a Republican lawmaker who voted against the trial, said Trump’s supporters were “extremely bad.”

He did not comment on the issue at hand. “If anyone disagrees with my vote and wants an explanation, I would ask them to listen to the arguments of the House of Representatives and the lawyers of Trump, the former president,” Cassidy said in a statement. . “The parliamentarians presented very strong arguments in accordance with the constitution. The president’s team did not. ”


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Dozens of people who have worked within the Republican Party in the United States are now considering forming a new party. The reason is that they are dissatisfied with Donald Trump’s take on the Republican Party and that the party’s forebears do not dare to stand in the hair of the former president.

US State Department attorneys spent the first night of their case arguing that former US President Donald Trump had ousted his supporters in Congress on January 6.

11. February 4287 :


The second day of the trial against Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, is now taking place in the US Senate. The trial started at five o’clock Icelandic time and both plaintiffs and defense attorneys will deliver their opening speeches until tonight.


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