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Trump gets to live on Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump, former President of the United States. AFP

Former United States President Donald Trump will be allowed to continue living at his Mar-a-Lago country house in Florida, USA. This became clear after a meeting of the Palm Beach City Council on Tuesday.

According to an agreement on the operation of Mar-a-Lago, the area is a club and not a residential area, so no one can live there unless he is an employee of the club. . Trump’s lawyer argued that the president was just that and could live there. It was agreed at the meeting.

Several of Trump’s neighbors in Florida wanted to get him out of the area, but he has long been a neighbor. One of his neighbors, for example, was dissatisfied with the fence that the former president had set up on the edge of his land.

Others were unhappy that being president would attract the area to Trump’s “furious and unruly supporters.” .

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