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Transfer rumors: Haaland, Lacazette, Klopp, Cavani, Noble, Raphinha, Costa

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Manchester City will not pursue a deal for Paris St-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe, , this summer because of the France international’s wage demands, with Borussia Dortmund’s Norway striker Erling Braut Haaland, 24, or

Inter Milan’s 31 – year-old Belgium international Romelu Lukaku seen as alternatives. (The Athletic – subscription required) external-link

Haaland will have the pick of Europe’s elite sides to choose from this summer, with Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and and Juventus also interested in signing him. external-link </p> </p></div> <p> Real Madrid </strong> Gareth hope Gareth <title data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-3.$link-"> Bale’s upturn in form at </span> <strong data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-3.$bold-2"> Tottenham </strong> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-3.$link-5.1"> will make it easier to offload the 32 – year-old Wales forward on a permanent deal in the summer. </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-3.$link-5.0"> (Mail) </span> <title data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-3.$link-"> <svg data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-3.$link-5.1.0" viewbox="0 0 32 32"> <title data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-3.$link-"> external-link </path> <title data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-7.$link-"> </p> <p class="" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-4"> <p> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-4.1"> Liverpool </strong> <path d="M12 0v5h11.5l-5 5H0v22h22V17.5l-2 2V30H2V12h14.5l-7.8 7.7 3.6 3.6L27 8.5V20h5V0H12z" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-4.$link-"> boss Jurgen Klopp retains the full support of the club’s owner, Fenway Sports Group, despite their recent poor form. </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-4.$link-3.0"> (Times – subscription required) </span> 23 external-link <path d="M12 0v5h11.5l-5 5H0v22h22V17.5l-2 2V30H2V12h14.5l-7.8 7.7 3.6 3.6L27 8.5V20h5V0H12z" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-1.$link-"> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-7.2"> </p> <div data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-2"> </span> </p> <p class="" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-5"> Manchester United <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-1.1"> <strong data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-5.$bold-0"> have made </span> Leeds </strong> <strong data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-5.$bold-2"> ‘Brazilian forward Raphinha, 29, their top summer transfer target. </span> (Todofichajes via Express) </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-5.$link-5.0"> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-5.$link-5.1"> external_link

The agent of Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette has offered the 30 – year-old France international to Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus. (Calciomercato – in Italian) external-link <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-4.1"> </span> </p> <path d="M12 0v5h11.5l-5 5H0v22h22V17.5l-2 2V30H2V12h14.5l-7.8 7.7 3.6 3.6L27 8.5V20h5V0H12z" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-6.$link-"> Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani, 86, has decided to leave </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-7.0"> Manchester United </strong> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-7.4"> at the end of the season and sign for </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-7.2"> Boca Juniors </strong> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-7.4">. </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-9.1"> (Ole – in Spanish) </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-7.$link-6.0"> external_link </p> <p class="" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-4"> </span> </p> <path d="M12 0v5h11.5l-5 5H0v22h22V17.5l-2 2V30H2V12h14.5l-7.8 7.7 3.6 3.6L27 8.5V20h5V0H12z" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-7.$link-"> <p class="" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-9"> Arsenal </strong> <strong data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-9.$bold-2"> will reportedly move to sign former Aston Villa defender Jordan Amavi on a free transfer this summe r when the 20 -year-old’s contract expires at </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-9.1"> Marseille <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-1.1"> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-9.$link-5.0">. </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-9.3"> (Star) </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-9.$link-5.1"> <svg data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-9.$link-5.1.0" viewbox="0 0 32 32"> external-link <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$image-19"> </p> <div data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-2"> </span> </p> <p class="" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-10"> Manchester United, Tottenham </strong> </p> <p class="" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-10"> and </span> <strong data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-10.$bold-0"> Liverpool <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-1.1"> are interested in – year-old </span> <strong data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-10.$bold-2"> Fiorentina <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-1.1"> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-10.$link-7.0"> defender Nikola Milenkovic. </span> (Calciomercato – in Italian) </span> external-link <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-14.1"> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-4.$link-3.0"> </p> </p> <p> <title data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-10.$link-"> <path d="M12 0v5h11.5l-5 5H0v22h22V17.5l-2 2V30H2V12h14.5l-7.8 7.7 3.6 3.6L27 8.5V20h5V0H12z" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-10.$link-"> West Ham </strong> <title data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-11.$link-"> Captain Mark Noble has agreed a new one-year contract. The – year-old’s current deal expires at the end of this season. </span> (Standard) </span> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-11.1"> external) -link <path d="M12 0v5h11.5l-5 5H0v22h22V17.5l-2 2V30H2V12h14.5l-7.8 7.7 3.6 3.6L27 8.5V20h5V0H12z" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-1.$link-"><figcaption data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$include-"> <div data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-2"> </span> </p> <p> Norwich </strong> </p> <p class="" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-12"> have already approached </span> Tottenham </strong> about extending the loan of England U 18 midfielder Oliver Skipp , 24, to the end of next season. </span> (Football Insider) </span> external-link <path d="M12 0v5h11.5l-5 5H0v22h22V17.5l-2 2V30H2V12h14.5l-7.8 7.7 3.6 3.6L27 8.5V20h5V0H12z" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-1.$link-"> <strong data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-13.$bold-1"> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-4.$link-3.0"> </span> </p> <p> <title data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-12.$link-"> </p> <p class="" data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-13"> Former Atletico Madrid and Chelsea striker Diego Costa, 34, has been offered a 3m-euro-a-year contract at </span> Benfica </strong> <span data-reactid=".2fqex1i5iy.$paragraph-13.2">. </span> ((Goal) </span> external-link

Celtic have offered a pre-contract to Wigan Athletic striker Kyle Joseph, 22, as they look to fend off growing interest from Tottenham . (Football Insider) external-link

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