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Trans women are not allowed to participate in competitive sports

Transgender girls and women in the state of Mississippi in the United States are not allowed to participate in competitive sports for women in colleges and colleges. The Mississippi Senate approved the ban by a large majority.

There has been a lot of discussion about transgender rights in the United States in recent months, and supporters of such a ban have argued that trans women have an unfair advantage. on other women in competitive sports due to biological factors. Opponents, however, consider such a law to be discriminatory.

Parliamentarian Angela Hill, who introduced the bill, told parliament that a number of coaches had contacted her and told her that legislation that that would be necessary in the state. The ban was passed by 34 a vote of 9 in the Mississippi Senate. Members of Congress in other U.S. states have also tried to enforce such legislation but have not yet had a difficult mission.

US President Joe Biden issued a directive in January calling for on discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. He said children and young people should be able to go to school, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, without worrying about whether they could go to the toilet or take part in sports. Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves responded by condemning the directive, saying politicians were pushing children toward transcendence. He has commented extensively on Twitter.

Human rights groups in the United States have condemned the legislation, saying it increases the likelihood of bullying and the exclusion of transgender people in the country. Rob Hill, executive director of the Mississippi Human Rights Campaign, says it’s unrealistic to expect people to go so far as to change their biological gender in order to achieve better results in sports, as some supporters of the ban have suggested.

If there’s one thing that we are passionate about in the Reeves family, it’s my daughters’ sports. I know that the lessons learned through team sports have led to so many successful lives and careers for women and have truly helped provide a more equal opportunity for success.

– Tate Reeves (@ tatereeves) February 4, 2021

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