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Traces of firearms in the home of an alleged gunman

Police believe that one of the eight who are in custody due to the murder in Rauðagerði shot the man to death. All eight deny any wrongdoing. Sources in the news agency allege that traces of firearms were found in the man’s home, after he was arrested on Wednesday.

Eight men are now in custody in connection with the police investigation into the murder in Rauðagerði . The men are in their forties and fifties and come from Iceland, Lithuania, Albania and Spain, but sources in the news agency claim that everyone is firmly maintaining their innocence.

The custody of a Lithuanian man was today extended to Wednesday . February, but custody of other defendants is also valid until the middle of next week. The man had only been in Iceland for a few weeks when he was arrested and is said to have come here after being hired to work for the Icelander who is in police custody.

The weapon is still undiscovered but the police think they know what kind of gun was used . Vísir / Vilhelm

The investigation is extremely extensive and the police have seized at least three vehicles, searched houses in more than twenty places, and called for mobile data from telephone masts to to connect parties, to name but a few, but almost the entire police station in the capital area is involved in the investigation in one way or another.

Sources in the news agency allege that the police already believe they have been the hair of an alleged gunman after a search of his home the previous day, where traces of firearms from the same gun were used on Saturday night, found. The weapon, however, is still undiscovered, but an investigation is underway into cartridges and bullets found at the scene.


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