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Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Today's program: Great power battle in Safamýri, battle for Hafnafjörður and Icelandic football starts again

Thirteen live broadcasts are on the program of Channel 2 Sport today. From just before noon until evening. Icelandic football returns with Icelandic handball, Spanish basketball, Italian football and so much more.

Station 2 Sport

We start the game at 00. 19 when the match between the Icelandic champions Breiðablik and Stjarnan takes place in the Women’s Long Jump Cup. It will be especially interesting to see how Blikar gets out of the winter, but there have been big changes in the team of players of the team as well as the coaching team. . 19 has come to the battle of Hafnafjörður. Whether the team gets two points and the proud right when FH receives Haukur in the Olís women’s division. FH is still without points at the bottom of the division while Haukar is in 6th place with seven points. It will no doubt not matter tonight as the position in the division has to blow out the window in games like this.

After that game we will go to Safamýri where Fram takes against Val in a true superpower battle in the Olís women’s division. The throne is at the top of the division with 11 points, like KA / Þór but Valur comes next and can therefore go to the top spot with a victory.

At least temporarily but KA / Þór will visit Stjarnan later today.

Station 2 Sport 2

We had the day in Skírisskógur where Nottingham Forest will host Bournemouth at 12. 25. The latter team recently knocked Burnley out of the FA Cup and have recovered since Harry Redknapp was hired to help Jonathan Woodgate lead the team. You can expect a tough game, but Forest is a bit like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll get.

The clock 15. 50 til 20. is the Spanish King’s Basketball Cup on the agenda. This is a semi-final match of the competition.

If there is not enough basketball then the game between Phoenix Suns and Philadelphia 76 is in the NBA League on the program at 21. 00.

Station 2 Sport 3

The clock 15. 25 is the match of the Icelandic champions Valur and KA in the Men’s Long Jump Cup in football but the game is played in Akureyri . KA men have strengthened their team a lot lately and it will be interesting to see how they go against Valsmönnar who have also picked one person and another.

Both teams are planning big things this summer.

Station 2 Sport 4

The top team in the Spanish Premier League – Atlético Madrid – visits Granada at 14.00 today . Victory means that the team has a comfortable lead at the top of the league, but a loss could allow Barcelona and Real Madrid back into the picture.

The clock 17. 25 is the big game between Napoli and Juventus in the Italian Premier League. Both teams need a victory to keep up with the top teams in the league, AC and Inter Milan. A victory at Napoli means that the team goes up to 4th place, but if Juventus win it will be only four points behind the top team AC Milan.

To spice this up one more time, they were Rino Gattuso and Andrea Pirlo [þjálfari Juventus] teammates at the particularly successful team AC Milan at the beginning of this century.

If that was not enough then the game between Barcelona and Alavés is on the agenda at 20. 25. Börsungar are hoping that Atlético will lose so they can reduce their lead at the top of the league.

Station 2 Golf

The clock 19.00 is the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-AM on the program but the tournament is part of the PGA Tour.

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