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Thieves followed the victims on Instagram

The TV reporter Diletta Leotta seems to have been the first victim of the men. AFP

Four thieves, nicknamed the “acrobatic thieves”, were arrested in Milan, Italy. The thieves had been following celebrities and influencers on social media Instagram before breaking into their home.

Footballer Achraf Hakimi, TV host Diletta Leotta and influencer Elenora Incardona were among those caught in the acrobatics.

The gang is said to have used Instagram to spy on the victims, understand their daily routine, get an insight into their home and see what the windows in their home were like.

Achraf Hakimi is seen here in a blue and black costume. He was one of the victims of the thieves. AFP

Easily climbed up a pillar Men are aged 17 to 25 years. They dressed up for the burglary to fit in better with their victims’ neighborhoods.

A video recording from a surveillance camera in the home of one victim shows one thief standing guard while another climbs over a fence and enters through the window of an apartment on the first floor.

The nickname “acrobatics thieves” came about precisely because of the thieves’ climbing ability, but one of them easily climbed up a pillar near a window that he then broke through.

According to the police, the burglary started in June last year, when they stole goods 17 million from Lelotta. In November, they are accused of breaking into Hakimi and stealing several watches from him. The Incardona men are said to have stolen nine expensive handbags and clothes.

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