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There is not much equality really!


Drífa Snædal writes

Women entered the labor market on a large scale and the jobs that were previously done unpaid at home had become paid jobs. These jobs were, however, underestimated in terms of wages – not quite real jobs – not as important as some other jobs that have long been paid for. To increase the value of women’s jobs, the level of education was raised and women rushed to study. In fact, the only way for women to have a livelihood is to provide for themselves and their children, while offering well-paid traditional male jobs that do not require education. The unequal proportion of the sexes in higher education is therefore not necessarily a manifestation of the problems of men or boys, but of the problems of the labor market that do not value women.

Information from the income history is now showing that well-educated women are on par. with less educated men in wages. This is a consequence of the systematic underestimation of women’s work that is so ingrained in our culture that we have stopped noticing it. Why are we in this position at the same time as we are proud of our achievements in international equality? The answer to this can be found, among other things, in the discussions on maternity leave, where some argued that we had reached such a level of equality that manual labor had become unnecessary. It is far from over and there is no indication that equality is increasing. On the contrary, the clearest measure of inequality – the gender pay gap – has remained unchanged in recent years. We still have work to do to change the culture to women’s freedom and let’s start by evaluating the work of women in the right way.

Have a good weekend, Hurry

The author is the president of ASÍ.


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