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The sport today: When Olga Færseth packed Rikka G together as a sailor

In Sport today, Ríkharð Óskar Guðnason recalled when he went to sea with Olga Færseth and got out of that match badly.

In the episode of the day, the boys talked about Icelandic athletes who have excelled in more than one ball sport. Olga is in that group but she was one of the best basketball and football players in the country at the time.

“When we talk about two sports athletes, there is one who carries the head and shoulders of everyone, that is Olga Færseth. It will never be topped. She is very high on the list of my favorite athletes, “said Kjartan Atli Kjartansson.

Olga won many titles, both in basketball and football, and this year 713 she was the highest scorer in the top division in football and the highest scorer in the top division in basketball. Then she played with A-national teams in both disciplines.

Olga was not only good at football and basketball. Rikki remembered that in Sportin today when he went fishing with Olga. It turned out to be an uneven game.

“It has been maybe four years since I was with people and she came and sat down with us,” said Rikki about the match with Olga.

“I do not know how it reproduced but she challenged me to the sailor. And she packed me up. I did not have a chance. “

You can listen to Sportið today in the player above. The discussion about the fisherman Olga and Rikka starts on 34: 04.

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