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The search will continue

K2 has not been able to search so far this day due to bad weather on the mountain. According to information from the Pakistani government, the search team is ready for the search and will start as soon as the weather clears.

Tomorrow is forecast 41 degree of frost but less wind than today. It has not been possible to search since Monday, but then the search was stopped due to poor visibility and bad weather. The same thing happened on the dice yesterday but then it was very windy and snowing on K2.

Pakistani mountaineer and skier Karim Shah Naziri said yesterday that the army would send C – 130 military aircraft at the scene today but they can fly at an altitude of about 8 thousand meters, higher than military helicopters.

Nothing has been asked of Johns Snorri Sigurjónsson, Muhammad Ali Sadpara and Juan Pablo Mohr since Friday. However, their families and friends have not given up all hope that they will feel safe, as they are all strong and highly trained mountaineers.

Lína Móey, wife of John Snorri, says on Facebook last night that The search is still ongoing and she has not given up. Everyone who knows John Snorri knows what strength he has.

Well-known mountaineers such as Fazal Ali and Jalal from Shimshal, Imtiaz Hussain and Akbar Ali from Skardu, like the Romanian Alex Găvan, the sergeants Nazir Sabir and Chhang Dawa as well as other mountaineers at Seven Summits Treks have taken part in the search for the trio.

Now the employees of Seven Summits Treks are leaving base camp K2 as there will be no further attempt to reach the summit of the mountain this winter.

Despite the fact that the base camp is being emptied, the search will continue. Imtiaz Hussain and Akbar Ali were in Camp 2 waiting for bad weather. They have now returned to base camp but they hoped to be able to climb Bottleneck, the ice wall where the trio were last seen. At least look for clues about the trio, says in a post on the website of the mountaineer Alan Arnette. At the same time, the employees of John Snorri and Ali’s expedition will remain in the base camp during the search.

Tourism Minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan says the military will do everything in its power to continue the search. Despite the fact that the search has been paused, it is far from over.

A press release from the team related to the family and friends of the trio states that they are working with information from equipment that the trio had with them, that is from Garmin, Thuraya and Inmarsat. Currently working with information from mountaineers who met them and communicated with them to locate further where they can be.

The Icelandic Space Agency is working on using SAR information instead of SAT. This has never been attempted before in search and rescue. This allows you to view every inch of the mountain no matter what the weather.

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