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The Minister of Health's bill on the decriminalization of consumption doses has emerged

The Minister of Health’s bill on the decriminalization of consumption doses was published in the government’s consultation portal today. It is proposed that the purchase and storage of limited quantities of drugs for own use be permitted.

According to the bill, the sizes and types of permitted consumption doses will be implemented in a regulation. The report states that the drug market is constantly changing and that it is therefore important to be able to respond to and add substances without the need for legislative changes.

It is proposed that user consultations be established where representatives of welfare services , the police, the Ministry of Health and non-governmental organizations will have seats. The Council will be required to evaluate and make proposals on the amount of drugs that can be considered for own use according to the law.

The explanatory memorandum to the bill refers to statistics from the police that over the years 807 to 2005 has been committed drug offenses in this country. Of these, offenses due to possession and treatment of drugs. It makes 48 a percentage of all drug offenses and the report says that this number will probably decrease significantly if the bill approved.

The vast majority of registered drug offenses by the police in recent years are due to the possession and treatment of drugs. vísir / Vilhelm

The bill is based in part on previous bills by Halldóra Mogensen, MP for Pírat, on the same subject as comments received on them are also used.

The report states that it is the policy of the government to treat the problems of drug users in the health system rather than the judicial system. The government’s charter stipulates that harsh penalties for drug use must be reversed. Emphasis should be placed on prevention and public health.

This week, the Minister of Health confirmed a regulation on consumption space and said Heiða Björg Hilmisdóttir, chairman of the Reykjavík City Welfare Council, in a conversation with the news agency that the adoption of a bill on decriminalization of consumption doses would on that activity.


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