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The future in ó (wis) su

Daníel Guðni Guðmundsson, Grindavík’s coach, did not want to say much about the future of the American Eric Wise with the team in a conversation with Vísi.

Wise has did not attract stormy luck with his performance with Grindavík so far this season. He has ,, 3 points and 6.4 rebounds per game on average in the Domino’s League.

Wise and his future were discussed in Domino’s Basketball Night yesterday. Sævar Sævarsson and Teitur Örlygsson agreed that his contribution to the Grindavík team was not enough and that another American player was needed.

Asked in a conversation with Vísi if Wise was on his way home, Grindavík’s coach Daníel said that it should be found out.

“Nothing has been discussed with him,” Daniel said of Dag.

But he assumes that Wise will play Grindavík’s next game against Tindastóli another night?

“Yes, as it is now. Nothing has been done in that regard, “said Daníel who did not want to comment on whether Grindvík have talked about replacing Wise.

Dagur Kár Jónsson has missed Grindavík’s last games after he injured against Njarðvík . January.

“We are going to use the national game break to see how the situation will be,” said Daníel.

Grindavík has acquired the Australian defender Marshall Nelson. If all goes well, Nelson will be released from quarantine tomorrow.

“He will take an exam tomorrow and we have to see what comes out of it,” said Daníel, but as previously stated, Grindavík will meet Tindastóli another evening. “He landed a few hours late, otherwise he could have definitely started training today.”

Grindavík has lost two games in a row and is in 6th place in the Domino’s League.



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