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“The eagles do not want me to sit in the office”

Lars Lagerbäck says that he certainly missed his old disciples in the Icelandic national football team. His new role with the national team, which is now under the management of Arnar Þór Viðarsson, would in the opinion of the Swede be best described as the job of assistant coach.

“Of course I am very happy to be able to renew my acquaintance with Iceland. When Arnar and Guðni asked if I could help, I said I was very happy to do so, and thus meet the players again. Most of them are still there and many of the staff around the team. I consider it a real privilege to have received this invitation and hopefully I can help. It would make me very happy if Iceland achieves good results in the upcoming qualifier, “says Lagerbäck in a conversation with Vísi today.

Klippa : Lagerbäck to return to Iceland

Lagerbäck resigned as coach of the Norwegian national team at the end of last year after leading it from the year 202. Previously, this trained the old Swede the Icelandic national team for four and a half years with historically good results, but quit after leading the team to the quarter-finals of the European Championship in France. Now he returns and says that he certainly missed the Icelandic players:

“Yes, of course. This was one of the best times of my career and by far the easiest job because the players were great in mentality and character. I do not remember a single problem in the collaboration with players. They showed great loyalty. In this respect, it was very easy to be Iceland’s coach, “says Lagerbäck.

It was not quite the same story to tell about his time in Norway, but towards the end he had a heated argument with one of the stars of the Norwegian team, Alexander Sörloth.

“I do not know why they call me a technical consultant”

KSÍ introduced Lagerbäck to the game again yesterday with a press release stating that he would be a technical consultant. Lagerbäck has only made a verbal agreement with the association and it is not clear exactly how long he will work, but he says he envisions being at Arnar’s side at least until the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar, which are all played this year.

“I do not know why they call me a technical consultant,” says Lagerbäck and smiles at the match.

Editing: Lagerbäck on the job title at KSÍ ​​

“I think it’s best by calling me an assistant coach. Me and Eiður , together with others in the staff, we should help Arnar as best we can. Arnar is the manager and of course makes the decisions. This is not all over with us, but what we have discussed is exchanging ideas about our own players and opponents. I look at what I see in this and tell Arnar about it.

We have only begun to discuss how much I take part in the practical part of this. If I can start traveling [vegna kórónuveirufaraldursins], the plan is for me to join a week before the team meets, but then we have not decided on any details regarding the work with the players. Arnar has been very open-minded and said that he wants me to be an active participant. He does not want to just sit in the office and say what I think. But we will have to decide the details of this, “says Lagerbäck.

Do what Arnar decides

The Swede will therefore state his opinion on which group of players should be selected in each game and how Iceland’s starting line-up should be, for example. taken.

“Yes, I think so. But of course I only do what Arnar decides. He has a certain group of players in mind like I had, which we try to keep an eye on as closely as possible. We have also only discussed how the national team should play and such. “

Kári Árnason is the oldest of those who have supported the national team in recent years . Lagerbäck says he has been great in the last qualifier. Getty / Jean Catuffe

The golden generation believes it can reached higher altitudes than

Last year, the backbone of the Icelandic national team was still the same as Lagerbäck created on his own. Whether or how much it will change under Arnar’s management remains to be seen, but Lagerbäck is not surprised at how little the group has changed in recent years:

“Of course if you look at Hannes and Kári are the oldest of those who are still playing and it may come as a bit of a surprise, but I have seen most of Iceland’s games since I stopped coaching the team and I thought Hannes and Kári played extremely well in the last qualifier. But age does not control everything. Ragnar is also getting older but the others in the group all have 2-4 years left if they avoid injuries and play for good teams. I think they can reach even greater heights in this qualifier than they did five years ago, “says Lagerbäck, adding:

” I have followed most of the players I know and played under my control. I do not know the younger players who are coming in as well. Most people are doing good things for their teammates. Gylfi, for example, showed in the last game that he is in top class. I also have a great relationship with Heimi and know that Aron is doing very good things in Qatar. These “older” men in the group are, in my opinion, on the same level as when I left 2016. ”

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