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The coach's card stuck to Ruth's ass and took her to the field

Rut Jónsdóttir took her coach’s break card into the field in the middle of a game in the Olís handball league this weekend without having any idea about it. One man was the first to realize.

Ruth and her teammates in KA / Þór reached the top of the Olís handball league this weekend after a comeback victory at ÍBV for the north.

Ruth scored five goals in the game but KA / Þór secured 24 – 23 victory after winning the last twenty minutes of the game 11 – 6.

A rather funny incident came up in the final minutes of the game when KA / Þór girls were going to one of the most important attacks of the game.

Suddenly the ÍBV coach, Sigurður Bragason, entered the field and Rut Jónsdóttir. Sigurður had noticed that the KA team coach’s break card was stuck to Rut’s ass.

Rut had left the field and rested in the defense before and Andri Snær Stefánsson had probably put the card on him. the substitute bench.

Ruth then went into the field in the attack but the harpix made sure that the break card was attached to her ass.

Sigurður Bragason saw the card and went into the stadium to take it from her. He then returned it all the way to the KA coach on the other side of the sideline.

The referees had stopped the game but Sigurður escaped with a penalty as he was helpful with examples. It was laughed at the incident but then continued.

Below you can see the incident.

Editing: Ruth and the coach card


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