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That team will miss the final that has not been left for many years

Stjarnan and Keflavík have been the most convincing in the men’s Dominos basketball division, but the picture could be changing for many teams now, says Hermann Hauksson, Dominos Basketball Night’s expert on Stöð 2 Sport.

Tonight there are four games in the league and two of them are broadcast live on Stöð 2 Sport, when Þórsliðin meet in Akureyri and KR receives Stjarnan. There are two games tomorrow before we take a half-month break due to national games.

Editing: Hermann reviews the Dominos League

“This is starting to change a bit now. The teams are getting new people and I think there will be quite a few teams that can choose them under the fins. ÍR, for example, has a very strong team, I think there are changes in KR and they will be strong, Þór Þorlákshöfn is doing great things, and then Valsar are adding. They get Hjálmar, a national team member from Haukur, and then Jordan. If you have the goat in Iceland [Jón Arnór Stefánsson] and Jordan then you must be able to say something, “says Hermann.

The situation in the league is even and exciting and sometimes it seems that everyone can win everyone. At the moment, Þór Akureyri, Valur, Höttur and Haukar are in the bottom four places, but Njarðvík and Tindastóll are just above, in the last two places that are enough to go to the finals this spring.

“You see that Valsar are in the third bottom place with six points but the team in the fourth place has . There are only two games in between, incredibly short, and the battle for eighth place will be huge. That team will be left behind in the battle for a place in the finals, which has not been left for many years, “says Hermann, but he is discussed in more detail in the post above.

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