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Teeth wear out and turn yellow

Orkudrykkir. Heilbrigðisyfirvöld hafa áhyggjur af neyslu hérlendis.

Energy drinks. Health authorities are concerned about consumption in Iceland. mbl.is/Arnþór Birkisson

“We are beginning to see this enamel removal in younger and younger people,” says dentist Íris Þórsdóttir.

The annual dental protection week of the Office of the Medical Director of Health and the Icelandic Dental Association began yesterday. This time the emphasis is on acidic energy drinks that contain caffeine. The harmful effects of energy drinks, both on the general health and dental health of young people, are pointed out. Íris is one of the lecturers on this occasion and her presentation and others can be accessed on the website of the Medical Director of Health.

One of those who is involved in this issue is Pálmar Ragnarsson, lecturer and basketball coach. In a post on his Facebook page, he says, among other things: “We have to realize what the norm here in Iceland has become distorted. This is not the case in other countries. There is a better selection of energy drinks at small petrol stations in Iceland than in supermarkets abroad. “

Consumption of energy drinks that contain caffeine has increased significantly in Iceland in recent years and is among the best known. in Europe. Authorities have expressed concern that young people in 8 .- 10. class consumes the drinks in question and even drinks that are only intended for older than 18 years, according to Morgunblaðið today.

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