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Stops the construction of the wall

Joe Biden, President of the United States. AFP

US President Joe Biden has repealed the entry into force of his predecessor Donald Trump’s directive on a state of emergency at the US border with Mexico. That directive was used by Trump during the year 2019 to provide funding for the construction of a border wall without the approval of Congress.

In a letter to Congress. on Thursday, Biden says that Trump’s directive was “unreasonable” and that no money will be spent on building the wall hereafter.

About 25 billion US dollars (3. 200 b.kr.) was provided for the project during Trump’s tenure, but the wall on the border with Mexico was one of Trump’s main election promises before the election 2016 but he had repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for him. That did not happen, however, but funding for the US military was used instead.

About 130 miles of different types of fences and walls were erected at the border by Trump, in addition to which defenses were tightened on the 650 miles section. There were already fences on about 1. a section of the border before Trump took office, but the borders of the states are about 3. 140 miles long.

Work on the installation of a fence in New Mexico in the USA . AFP

Decision Bidens is another step in his plans to unwind his predecessor’s work. Last week, Biden signed a presidential decree designed to make it easier for refugee families to reunite.

However, not all aspects of Trump’s border policy will be undermined. At a White House press conference on Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed that rules allowing border guards to expel unregistered immigrants immediately from the border due to the coronary virus would still apply.

the fact that we have not had time to establish a humane, comprehensive system that accepts people coming to the border, is not the time now for people to come. The vast majority of people will be dismissed, “said Psaki.

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