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Sport today: “The chin will not fall to the floor if there is an announcement from Val”

It would come as no surprise if Björgvin Páll Gústavsson joins Valur this summer. This is what Henry Birgir Gunnarsson said in Sportin today.

Last night Haukar sent out an announcement stating that Björgvin had took advantage of the termination clause in its agreement with the company. In an announcement, Björgvin said that he wanted to get a full-time job with handball in order to be able to spend more time with his family.

Björgvin’s issues were discussed in Sport today. “Of course it is very special to report this now, but on the other hand, could it have been kept secret?” Said Henry Birgir.

He says that Aron Kristjánsson, Haukur’s coach, is no doubt annoyed to lose Björgvin even though he is not annoyed with himself.

Most likely believes that Björgvin will go to Valur, which would be a good landing for both parties, says Henry Birgir.

“We have sources that this is very likely the main reason why he took advantage of this termination clause. And it comes as no surprise. Valur is the most financially strong company in the country, always planning big things and are full of ambition. Valur’s goalkeeping team has been extremely disappointing and Björgvin Páll has been Iceland’s best goalkeeper for more than a decade. He is so good that titles are won with him on board, “said Henry Birgir.

” I am not surprised if it is true that Valur is walking with the grass in his shoes behind him. and negotiate with him. Valsmenn is trying to improve the professional environment in their sports and hiring Björgvin Pál for a hundred percent job and letting him do something else is a logical step for a company that can afford it. My chin will not fall to the floor if there is an announcement from Val today that Björgvin has been there since next summer. “

Henry Birgir doubts that this news, that Björgvin will leave Haukur this summer, will not affect him or his teammates for the rest of the season.

“He is a top player, good in a team and a real professional. He will give percent. Of course, Aron is irritated and needs to start thinking about next season, but he just wants to win the title now. Andri Scheving may get a little more time. Then the Hawks call Stefán Huldar home from Grótta, “said Henry Birgir, but the Stefán Huldar in question is on loan from Grótta frá Haukur and has played particularly well this winter.

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