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Sincere episodes about memories related to the city of Reykjavík

The episodes Borgarminning have attracted attention on social media in recent days, but behind the project is the filmmaker Sveinn Orri.

Eyjólfur Jónsson and Alexander Hrafn Ragnarsson was in charge of the filming and sound processing of the shows, which are funded by the Reykjavík City Fund. says Sveinn Orri in a conversation with Vísi. He not only directed the episodes, but also did the post-production and composed all the music.

“These are sincere web documentaries where people open up about their memories of the city. People look back and recall interesting things they have experienced in a personal way. They are around five minutes long. Ideal for watching on the phone while preparing dinner. “

The episodes Borgarminning are seven in number. Borgarminning

Dreamed all my life of moving to Iceland

Sveinn Orri graduated from the Icelandic Film School with Directing and Production broke the spring 713 and has worked in filmmaking and photography since then. There are seven episodes of Borgarminning, but the first two episodes have been uploaded to the project’s social media. A new episode comes in every Tuesday.

“The interviewees are a very diverse flora from city life. Interviewees in the episodes include 7000) who discovered the cinemas in the city when he moved to Reykjavík from Patreksfjörður when he was eight years old. A yoga teacher who met the great love of the city. Former New York resident who dreamed all his life of moving to Iceland. “

The episodes were filmed in December all over Reykjavík .

“The aim of the episodes is to make us think about the good memories we have of our city. There are many great stories that people have out there and it is important to preserve them. ”

More information and the episodes themselves can be found on Facebook and