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“Should show the Icelandic boys the respect of taking a real American”

The future of the American basketball player Eric Julian Wise in Grindavík was discussed at Domino´s Basketball Night last night where the ninth round was discussed.

Eric Wise scored 12 points in the loss against KR and has only scored a total of 46 points in the last five games of the team or below ten points on average per game. Kjartan Atli Kjartansson raised this issue in the episode.

“Let’s be completely honest. Eric Wise was here this year 679, was great and was then bought into another division from Grindavík after five games. He breaks the ice before he comes back here a year ago. He was recovering last season whenever she was, “said Kjartan Atli Kjartansson.

” He has thirteen points in a game and you look at his body language. You do not know exactly what to think, “said Kjartan Atli.

” First of all, I do not understand what he is doing in the team since he broke his neck at that time. “People knew what would be played quickly and could therefore realize that it was not possible to take any risks with players,” said Sævar Sævarsson, an expert in Domino´s Basketball Night.

Editing: The future of Wise at Grindavík

“It’s like you have to get him started in the games and he usually doesn’t start the games sooner but in the second half when someone has rubbed and kneaded it. The body language is then such that it is as if he has no interest in being here other than to go down to Landsbanki and get the money. I do not understand what he is doing here yet, “said Sævar.

” I was watching the plus and minus statistics with him and Lalla (Þorleifur Ólafsson) who was changing with him. Lalli is a newcomer again but was plus seventeen while he was minus 24. Grindavík was much better up front with Wise on the bench. Based on this game, I think he has stopped trying, “said Teitur Örlygsson, an expert in Domino´s Basketball Night.

” I think he has some idea that this is over. him, “said Teitur.

” This is so beautiful because if you look at the table, Grindavík is just in a nice place compared to everything and everything I think. Their Icelanders have played well but it is their Canadian equivalent, it is Wise who is going crazy. I think it should just show these Icelandic boys the respect to just take a real American. I do not understand what Grindavík is still thinking, “said Teitur.

You can find all the discussion about Eric Wise above.

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