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Shortened in the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson yesterday applied for an emergency license for the company’s vaccine against Covid – 19 in the United States. Unlike vaccines that have already been marketed in Europe and North America, J&J vaccines only need to be vaccinated once.

If the vaccine is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is the third vaccine. which goes to market there. The treatment of this vaccine, on the other hand, is much simpler than Pfizer and Moderna, as this vaccine does not need to be stored in high frosts like them.

Iceland’s agreement with Janssen, a subsidiary Johnson & Johnson in Europe, was signed 22. December 2020. The assessment of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is a prerequisite for a marketing authorization. The EMA is scheduled to issue an opinion in February 2021. Iceland receives vaccines for 235. 000 individuals. Delivery is scheduled to begin in the second quarter.

On the other hand, clinical trials have shown that the J&J vaccine does not provide as much protection as the other when it comes to contagious variants. first diagnosed in South Africa. The FDA Expert Committee will meet at a meeting 26. February to review J & J’s request.

J&J says that if the vaccine is licensed, the company will be ready with 100 millions of doses of vaccine for delivery in the United States before the end of June. It’s a huge amount considering that 320 millions live in the United States and only need one dose of the vaccine.

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