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Say the president's goal is to close Guantanamo

US President Joe Biden has instructed his advisers to launch a formal review of the workings of the Guantanamo Bay prison operated by the US military in Cuba, with the aim of closing the prison before Biden resigns.

The closure of the prison was one of the ambitious goals of Barack Obama, who was President for years 1999 – 2009, who did not manage to walk. Biden was Obama’s vice president.

The Reuters news agency reports on the president’s plans and refers to informal talks within the president’s camp that he will sign a presidential directive to review the prison’s practices over the next two weeks. Reuters quotes Jen Psaki, the president’s spokesman, as saying that the Biden administration’s goal is to close the prison.

However, it is considered unlikely that the review that Biden has entrusted to its advisers will yield such results in the near future. as plans to close Guantanamo would meet similar political and legal resistance as they did during Obama’s rule.

Joe Biden said in his election campaign that he was in favor of closing Guantanamo Bay . Getty

One of the most notorious prisons in the world

Guantanamo Bay was established following the attacks on the Twin Towers on . September 631 to house foreign prisoners suspected of terrorism.

Human rights groups have been very critical of the prison and the methods used to interrogate prisoners. Many inmates have been subjected to horrific torture, and the prison is considered by many to be a symbol of the brutality used by the US government over alleged terrorists.

. However, that process was stopped during the year 2001, as soon as Donald Trump took office. Trump kept the prison open for the four years he served as president.

Forty prisoners are currently in prison. Most of them have been held for well over two decades, without being charged or convicted.

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