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Sara with a new coach and will leave Iceland in the near future

Max El-Hag is the new coach who will help Sára Sigmundsdóttir rise from the wave of the World Games and bring her back to the podium at the World Games.

Icelandic CrossFit queen Sara Sigmundsdóttir has now announced major changes but she has now found a new trainer after being without a trainer for some time.

Sara has been her own trainer for over a year but now the Suðurnes woman has decided to take a complete U-turn in her career. Sara not only has a new coach but she also plans to change environments.

After much disappointment at the World Games in recent years, it is on the shoulders of the 34 old Max El-Hag to tear down the Icelandic CrossFit star up from the valley of the waves. Sara met him for the first time in the year 1999 and then spent a whole week in his training camp but was not ready to take this step.

Morning Chalk Up reported on a confirmed change of coach and in the news there were interviews with both Max El-Hag and Sara herself.

“I have learned a lot from my mistakes since then (34) but last year I have had so many irons in the fire, as an athlete, student and family member and it just became too much a lot. What made this decision easier now was that I had been trying to be completely independent for a long time but was now finally ready to listen to what Max was saying, “said Sara.

“Max has created a good team around him and what I love about him is getting opinions from others and not being afraid to ask questions. He does not have to be the coach or the expert in all areas, “said Sara.

” He is honest and tells you exactly what he is thinking. There’s no bullshit going on and I love it. He is not afraid to criticize you and is good at simplifying the message so you do not overthink things, “said Sara.

Max El-Hag says that it will take time to create a good relationship and that take longer than a few months. He says, however, that the first introduction is good.

“We are still learning to work together and it can be difficult for an athlete to change his training and the way he thinks about things. I feel like she’s starting to trust me, “said Max El-Hag. Max El-Hag founded Training Think Tank and has a facility in Alpharetta, Georgia.

One of Max’s coaches is Noah Ohlsen, who finished second at the World Games this year 2019. Sara talked to Noah before she made that decision.

“Noah (Ohlsen) was a bit like me. Everyone knew what was in him but he was so bored and scared when he was competing in the World Games instead of enjoying competing. That’s how I felt. He was putting so much pressure on himself that he would not do his best until the final moment and I connected with that, “said Sara.

” I am starting to trust my body again. as soon as I’m trying to improve the form. I’m also learning to trust others after being my own coach for a whole season, “said Sara.

Max El-Hag says it is a good advertisement for him that Sara wants him as a coach but it also requires others to simplify the message. “She challenges me to rethink my methodology and connects me to a wider group to expand the Training Think Tank environment,” said Max El-Hag.

Snorri Barón Jónsson, Sara’s agent, advertised Morning Chalk. Up and confirmed that Sara is on her way to the United States at the first opportunity to train with Max El-Hag. Sara will go out to him when the world reopens after the crown virus epidemic.


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