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Russia is said to be attacking Iceland

Russian Tupolev Tu – 22 M3 bomber. The machines that the Russians used during training this week were of the type Tu – 160. AFP

The Russian Air Force aired two of its bombers 17 Tu – 160 in the days when they flew 6. 000 a circle around Northern Europe.

This is the most powerful Russian military bomber, but according to Forbes are a common sight in European airspace, and are sometimes used to fire very long-range bombs in rebel-held areas in Syria.

But this particular flight could be special, in part because they may be in response to the U.S. military’s plans to locate two ) B-1 bombers in Norway for the first time. However, it is believed that the Russians may have been practicing a rare route that could be important in the event of war.

Tu – 160 – the planes can carry both nuclear and conventional bombs, but they can not attack ships and would therefore target the mainland, according to says in a Forbes review. The Russian Air Force has been spotted training on Tu – 160 – aircraft over the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Atlantic, giving rise to to assume that they could consider attacks on military bases in Ukraine as well as in the North Atlantic stronghold.

This week’s exercise, however, was said to be special in that it flew from a military base in Engels in the western part of Russia north across the Atlantic and then west. across Svalbard, south into the Norwegian Sea, east along the coast of Norway and from there back to Engels.

Approached Iceland from an unexpected direction Tvær F – 16 – Norwegian military fighter jets disrupted Russian flights Tu – 160 – the planes in the northern part Norway, but what attracted the most attention was the part of the exercise where the planes approached Iceland from the north before changing direction and heading back east.

It is not clear how often the Russian air force has flown this route in recent years, but it is possible that this was a response to NATO’s increased monitoring of Iceland’s airspace in recent months.

Italian, American and British the air force has, among other things, served as air patrols The sea area between Iceland and Greenland, Iceland and the UK and finally the UK and Greenland is guarded, the so-called GIUK gate, but in times of war NATO would probably put a lot of emphasis on blocking Russia’s entry into this area and Russia would probably try

In addition to the US military’s plans to locate B-1 bombers in Norway, the military has previously had B- 2-engines in Iceland, which could easily attack Russian military bases in the area from Iceland, which makes Iceland an even more important target of Russia.

Forbes reports that Iceland is a difficult target, but that if any aircraft can carry out a successful attack on Iceland, it is Tu – 160 – Russian aircraft, which are so long-range that they be able to fly around the country and stay out of the firing line before attacking the country with aim u that it would be difficult for NATO to defend itself.

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