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Ronaldo’s Man Utd legacy not tainted by Man City move but legend status might be

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As news broke out that a move to the blue side of Manchester for Cristiano Ronaldo was deemed possible, Manchester United fans were left in limbo.

Harry Kane announcing his stay at Tottenham Hotspur has shifted City’s thinking to another individual and that man is one of United’s all-time greats.

It was hoped from the red half of Manchester that Ronaldo would one day return towards the end of his career, having a rapport like no other with the United fanbase.

However, no one expected the Portuguese international to even think about a move to Pep Guardiola’s team.

Rumours began almost as long as three months ago when Ronaldo was thinking about a move away from Juventus due to the reappointment of Massimiliano Allegri as manager.

With it being clear that City are in talks with Ronaldo, our United Fan Brand Writers have given their view in regard to what his legacy at the club will be, should a move to the Etihad materialise.

Anil Kandola – Are City interested in Ronaldo for any reason besides emotion?

Ronaldo returning to Manchester was a storyline all United fans hoped would one day happen. But the blue half? Beyond comprehension. For a neutral, it must be fascinating to see but for United fans, this is a golden piece of folklore being ripped out and destroyed, even just with the rumours.

City were of course heavily focused on signing Kane, but Spurs chairman Daniel Levy had the last laugh by retaining the English striker, at least, for another season. This has led to Ronaldo now being heavily linked with City and it is clear to see their fanbase are in delirium as they could be on the verge of signing one of United’s greatest ever players.

But with the emotion in it, are City interested in Ronaldo for the right reasons?

When emotion is removed and this potential transfer is assessed from an analytical perspective alone, Ronaldo to City simply does not make sense. When a player of Ronaldo’s stature comes into a club, the team is built around him. We saw this at Juventus, Real Madrid and even United when he reached his potential.

It is fair to say City have had an array of talent since the takeover, but not once have they built the whole team around a single player. Even with Kevin De Bryune who is arguably the best player in the Premier League, he is a vital part of the City side but by no means does that mean the team is built around him.

There is an element of inevitability that wherever Ronaldo will end up, he will score a minimum of 20 goals that season, but taking the United relation out of it, is the five-time Ballon d’Or winner the right man to fix City’s striker issue? The jury is still out on that one.

The hype around a seismic move like this one, unfortunately for United fans, would last quite some time. But when the dust settles, Ronaldo will need to prove he can still perform at the highest level, with the 2021/22 Premier League season appearing to be as competitive as it has been for quite some time. A polite reminder that the Portuguese forward turns 37 in February.

A hugely bitter pill to swallow for United fans, who will come from the standpoint that their club made Ronaldo who he is today. To see him go to any club in England would be difficult to envision, but for him to go to United’s Manchester rivals would all but confirm his legendary status at Old Trafford being massively dented.

Omar – Ronaldo’s legacy will be remembered, but he’s no legend

Let’s get this straight. We live in a world where scrutiny is at its highest, due to the increasing usage of social media, where opinions can be voiced.

If we take this into consideration, there would be a meltdown in the United fanbase if Ronaldo went to City and who could blame them?

The man won a Champions League and became the best player in the world under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson, a person who’s apparently Ronaldo’s ‘father of football.’

Betrayal is a strong word to use, but this would be it.

Ronaldo said United had the “best fans in the world” during his time at the club and to move to the other half would cloud his legacy.

It’s so different with the likes of Denis Law, Brian Kidd and Peter Schmeichel. They moved during times when it was harder for everyone to communicate with each other.

Anger will be vented across the United fanbase, which will only influence other people’s opinions.

Ronaldo is keen to go to City (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images) His move to City would be more like Carlos Tevez 2.0 but worse. That didn’t go down well and this won’t either.

Like all of the players mentioned above, their legacy will be remembered. All served the club well during their time, especially Law, who’s United through and through.

Unlike the others though, it would be different. United supporters have respected Ronaldo for so long and he even cheered when he came back to Old Trafford with Juventus in 2018.

Law, Schmeichel and Kidd also went to City at a time when they were inferior to United and second to them. Ronaldo is moving when they are arguably in a better position than Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ’s team, so that has to be considered too as a hurtful move.

The appreciation for Ronaldo will be tarnished and it would be hard for United fans to ever forgive him.

What can be said is that his legacy will be remembered, but legends would never turn their back on United in a situation like this.

Mike – Ronaldo won’t happen because he isn’t a Guardiola player

I still don’t believe this transfer will happen.

I could be completely wrong and in a few days, we could see Cristiano Ronaldo in a Manchester City shirt. However, I just cannot see it happening.

Even though it’s well-known that Ronaldo’s allegiances were with Sir Alex more so than Manchester United, you know that he still loves the club that turned him from a skinny teenager into the freak of nature he became and won everything possible.

However, I also don’t see Pep Guardiola wanting Ronaldo at all. In Guardiola’s history as a manager, Ronaldo would be the complete antithesis of what he looks for in a player.

A player who you need to build a team around and is not happy being a cog in the system.

A player who is quite egotistical, to say the least, who brings riches, glamour and the celebrity lifestyle.

A player who is direct and doesn’t care how the team plays unless they win.

You may notice this piece of writing has been produced by a name you’re not familiar with on our regular Manchester United content.

That is because we are expanding our horizons and starting to bring even more to you from a whole host of different voices. We have appointed a whole host of people who – like our journalists – care deeply about what’s happening at Old Trafford – but sit in the stands rather than the press box.

We want to give you raw, authentic fan voices about the big issues at Man United – which is why the story you have read today might sit on the Manchester Evening News for now, and is part of the MEN family, but is not representative of those who work there full time.

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on where you can read more from this author in the future. But in the meantime, we hope you enjoy what they have written.

These traits are similar to Pep’s former players like Samuel Eto’o, Theirry Henry, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Ronaldinho. And what did Pep do with them all? Sold them all as quickly as he possibly could.

With Manchester City being built around Guardiola, with his incredibly close friends Txixi Begiristain and Ferran Soriano above him in the hierarchy, this transfer reeks of the City ownership sticking their hands in just to rival PSG, rather than to be a successful football club.

I don’t think there’s a surprise that Guardiola has been linked to leaving City within two years the exact same time these Ronaldo rumours started to crop up.

In my opinion, there are way too many cons to pros for this deal to happen from a City point of view. If it does, I of course would be incredibly upset to see such a legend of the club move to the other side of Manchester. We can all just hope he plays at the same level as Schmeichel did when he moved across.

Although, if this did happen it means Guardiola’s inevitable departure would only speed up. So it would be bad in the very short term, but cutting the Spaniard out of City would be far more beneficial in the long run.

What do you think of Ronaldo’s move to City? Follow our new United Fan Brands writers, Omar Garrick, Mike Parrott and Anil Kandola on Twitter to get involved in the discussion and give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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