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Right and left are vying for the presidency of Ecuador

Slight difference between 2nd and 3rd place candidates Arauz got 32, 72 then the percentage of votes and is the undisputed winner of the first round. It was easier to decide who would meet him in the second round, the liberal Lasso or the candidate of the indigenous umbrella organization, Yaku Perez. And that is not really final yet, because Perez intends to appeal the decision of the National Electoral Commission, which was that he had received 19, 39 percent of the vote but Lasso 19, 74 percent.

Perez says tricks in the table Lasso had a slight advantage in exit polls, but Perez had surpassed him when the 98 percentage of votes had been counted. The National Electoral Commission then decided to recount votes from at least 14 constituencies.

Perez protested and accused the National Electoral Commission and others electoral fraud authorities, which aimed to prevent indigenous peoples from entering the second round of presidential elections. It’s something that’s never happened in Ecuador’s history. Perez has now appealed the decision of the Electoral Commission and requested a recount in 17 of the 24 districts of the country.

The second round of elections should take place . April

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