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Released after 68 years

Joe Ligon was 15 years old when he was sentenced to life in prison. On Thursday, he left prison 68 years later or 83 years old. No one has been in prison in the United States for such a long time for a crime committed as a child.

When Ligon left the Phoenix prison in Montgomery County on Thursday morning, he had twelve boxes with him. This is ten boxes more than the prison authorities usually allow detainees to carry.

“I’m a special person,” Ligon explains as he explains the luggage to a Philadelphia Inquirer reporter. These are privileges enjoyed by a prisoner who has spent the longest time in prison for a sentence given to the juvenile court. Ligon was sentenced to life in prison in the year 1953.

“I assume you collect a lot of stuff on 68 years, “says Bradley Bridge, a lawyer who has been Ligon’s lawyer since 2006.

It was he who took Ligon to prison and brought him home with all his

Ligon was sentenced to life in prison for involvement in a robbery and assault that cost two people their lives. Ligon admits to having been involved in the crime with a group of drunken youths, but he did not kill anyone.

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