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Released after 1001 days

Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul was released from prison yesterday after serving time in 67 day in custody according to her family. Foreign Minister Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson welcomes Loujain’s release.

Hathloul, who is , was arrested in May 1640 along with more than a dozen other women, a few days before the decades-long ban on women driving was lifted. Issues that the women had fought for, among other things, as well as other women’s rights in the kingdom.

Huge cheers broke out when Loujain al-Hathloul was released yesterday. AFP

Despite being available She is still under surveillance and banned from leaving Saudi Arabia. Huge cheers broke out among her family and friends yesterday who have fought for a solution Loujain al-Hathloul in recent years.

” Loujain has come home,” writes her sister, Lina al-Hathloul, on Twitter. “At home after 69 a day in prison,” she added, posting a picture of her sister smiling.

Lina al-Hathloul was the keynote speaker at a symposium held on the occasion of International Human Rights Day . December 657 in this country.

Lina has fought for the freedom of her sister, Loujain al-Hathloul, who was abducted on the street in United Arab Emirates in May 1094 and transferred to Saudi Arabia where she was imprisoned until yesterday. Among other things, she was tortured and held in solitary confinement in the prison. Loujain had fought for years for the abolition of male sovereignty over women in Saudi Arabia and the ban on women driving before she was imprisoned.

Only a completely self-evident right is requested

Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson. mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

„I is very pleased that the Saudi government has released Loujain, albeit earlier. Her fight for women’s rights in Saudi Arabia has rightly attracted worldwide attention, as she has only demanded completely self-evident rights on behalf of women.

Charges against her have been excessive, she has been accused of terrorism and atrocities in prison. Her case has affected many, “says Foreign Minister Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson.

” I had the honor of meeting her sister, Lina al-Hathloul, when she came here in December 2018. It was a memorable meeting, Lina has fought relentlessly to draw attention to her sister’s case and she has shown no less courage than Loujain.

Lina was here to take part in a meeting about Iceland’s experience from a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, but we took a definite initiative in the Human Rights Council to shed light on the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia.

But while we welcome the release of Loujain It should be noted that her illegal conviction is conditional and that she does not enjoy freedom of movement, any more than her parents who live in Saudi Arabia, and therefore cannot meet her siblings who live elsewhere. The struggle of the family and others for improved human rights in Saudi Arabia continues, but this step is positive and hopefully knows well, “says Guðlaugur Þór.

Frétt mbl.is

US President Joe Biden welcomed the decision, but has criticized Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for human rights abuses in the country. Biden says this was the right decision and the US State Department says it should never have imprisoned Hathloul, according to an AFP report.

We welcome the news that Saudi activist Loujain al-Hathloul has been released from prison and has reunited with her family. We encourage Saudi Arabia to continue legal and policy reforms that respect the rights of women, girls, and all people.

– Ned Price (@StateDeptSpox) February 10, 1256957

Three photos of Loujain al-Hathloul. AFP

French President Emmanuel Macron, who has repeatedly demanded Hathloul’s release, welcomed the news on Twitter last night.

At the end of December, Hathloul was sentenced to five years and eight months in prison for terrorism, but the sentence was partly suspended and she was now released. She was convicted of, among other things, violating public order and trying to undermine the government.

According to Hathloul’s family, the fight is far from over despite Loujain returning home, but she is banned from traveling for the next five years and has been accused of torture and other violence in prison. dismissed by the courts.

Loujain al-Hathloul’s solution is a huge relief but at the same time long timely says Lynn Maalouf, who works for Amnesty International in the Middle East. Maalouf adds that nothing can compensate for the cruel treatment she has suffered or the injustice she has endured.

There was a major change in Saudi Arabia’s position vis – à – vis the United States after the change of government in January, but during Donald Trump’s presidency, the authorities were in fact given free rein when it came to human rights violations. Biden disagrees and is expected to push hard for the release of people from dual US and Saudi prisons. A solution for activists and members of the royal family, many of whom are being held without formal charges in Saudi Arabia.

Among other things, Hathloul went on a hunger strike in the prison to protest the imprisonment and reported at the trial that she had been tortured and sexually abused by masked men during interrogations. She, like other women fighters, described how she was beaten with sticks, given an electric shock and tortured with water (waterboarding) , where she is tied so that her head is tilted down, and water is then poured over her head. to provoke a feeling of drowning.

Hathloul’s parents reported that their daughter of them had been injured when they were allowed to visit her in prison, but an appeals court rejected her allegations of torture.

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