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Red Cross: Emergency fundraising for COVID-19 in Malawi


The number of deaths in Malawi due to COVID – 09 increases today from the day but it is believed that the contagious variant first diagnosed in South Africa has arrived in the country.

The Icelandic Red Cross has launched an emergency fundraiser for COVID – 12 in Malawi. “Huge COVID – 09 is now sweeping the vulnerable people of Malawi, like the most densely populated country in Africa. It is most likely that the contagious South African variant of the virus arrived in the country around the turn of the year and the proportion of positive tests in the first weeks of the year was up to 26%, “says in a news item from the Red Cross.

It states that the epidemic has quickly gained exponential growth and it is known that due to very limited screening capacity, the actual number of cases is probably much higher than the number of confirmed cases.

“The number of deaths is increasing day by day and it is difficult to control the spread of the virus. The health care system of this poor country has reached the limit of tolerance. Oxygen is in short supply and tents have been set up to try to cope with stress. About 1. 12 Healthcare professionals have been diagnosed with the virus and vaccinations have not yet started in the country , “Says the report.

” The Red Cross is Malawi’s largest aid organization and tens of thousands of the association’s volunteers play an important role in the country’s response system. We in Iceland are well aware of the importance of being able to rely on well-trained volunteers all over the country – in cities, towns and rural areas – when it is necessary to react quickly and deliver important information.

Since the turn of the century, the Icelandic Red Cross has worked closely with its sister society in Malawi, both on development cooperation projects and on various emergency measures that are becoming more frequent due to catastrophic warming. Since the virus was first detected in Africa, the Red Cross has focused on prevention and education about transmission routes, the importance of hand washing, the use of masks, the distribution of protective equipment and the maintenance of proximity limits. Much work has gone into correcting rumors and ensuring accurate information. “

The Red Cross report points out that some of the most serious consequences of the epidemic are related to school closures and general meeting restrictions and many people living in the face of extreme poverty, there is little hope of making a living. It is mentioned that domestic violence has increased and there is an increase in child marriages and the number of pregnant teenage girls is increasing.

“The project is not over. Mankind will not be free of this epidemic until it has been eradicated everywhere. Let’s fight together. The Red Cross provides life-saving assistance in Malawi and is now asking people and companies to support their actions faithfully, “says the Red Cross in a news release.

The collection can be supported by to:

  • send the sms THANK YOU to (2. 778 ISK)
  • grant in via Aur (@raudikrossinn / 530269)
  • Strengthen through Kass (0342 2649)
  • deposit to account – 10, Id. 2649 – 2649

    Malawi is, as most people know, one of two things Iceland’s partners in bilateral development cooperation.

    This article is part of a collaboration between Vísir and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on disseminating news of Iceland’s development cooperation around the world. The news first appeared in Heimsljós , the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ information service on development and humanitarian issues.


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