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Rating Manchester United players attempts on social media to apologise for their poor form – Manchester Evening News

Manchester United fans are sick of their team losing and they are also sick of the constant social media apologies from players which don’t solve any of the issues at hand.

Harry Maguire, Bruno Fernandes, Eric Bailly and a number of other players have attracted the ire of United fans due to the nature of the defeats that they have come after.

1-0 Aston Villa, 4-2 against Leicester, 5-0 against Liverpool and 2-0 against Manchester City all left the fan base devastated and coming in such quick succession, the apologies obviously felt empty and provoked some backlash.

So with the international break in full swing and no way that United can disappoint us for a few weeks, lets rate some of the most infuriating apologies that United fans have graced our Twitter and Instagram feeds with over the past few weeks.

Mistaken Vibes

Not the best way to cap off a disappointing derby day for Fernandes, or should I say his media team. Recently more and more people are realising that player’s don’t entirely run their own social media, but this mistake obviously gained a lot of criticism from the fanbase, mainly due to it reminding the fans how well Arsenal were doing after their poor start to the season when compared to Solskjaer’s side.

Not actually an apology so I can’t give it a score but a mistake in which the reaction to it has really seemed to encapsulate most fans’ issues with the club as of late. Rating: 0/10

A Robotic Response

As captain, it seems like over the past few weeks we can’t escape Maguire’s apologies but this truly takes the cake. Replies to the tweet berated it due to its lack of emotion and one even likened it to a response that wouldn’t be out of place in FIFA career mode.

Overall as captain, you want Maguire to save his apologies and get the team playing on the pitch rather than provide a stock response on social media, saying you ‘will put things right’ when you were saying that more than a month ago when the problems began.

Overall is it is poorly written and does little to put the fans at ease. Rating: 3/10

Bailly’s blunder

Only Bailly would have the sheer audacity to put screenshots of his own goal in his apology tweet, it truly is vintage Bailly and I really hope cementing his mistake in such a definitive way as posting it on social media in beautifully taken HD photographs will help him not make the error again.

Overall my sheer bemusement and in some way mild admiration for how he has put together this post means I can only give it the highest score yet. Rating: 8/10

I am hurt

Only three words put somehow it paints an image much more visceral and believable than the word dump that Maguire had provided. He offers no hollow apologies or excuses and the appreciation for that is reflected in the reaction of the fans.

De Gea is the only starting player that remembers winning the Premier League with United and through thick and thin he has always given his best to try and save United and without him against City, the scoreline would have been much worse.

He doesn’t try to explain himself or promise it will get better, he just showed that he knows how the fans were feeling and that’s all he needed to do. Rating 10/10

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So what should they do now?

Well, the answer is simple, stop apologising, it’s embarrassing. 280 characters in a tweet won’t make a difference to United fans but improving performances on the pitch will.

United are in a rut and unless there is a drastic change it is up to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the players to solve it, that is the only thing that the fans will accept as an apology and unless things are turned around the fans anger towards the players will only grow.

Would you like to see Ten Hag appointed if Solskjaer was to leave Manchester United? Follow our United On My Mind writer Casey Evans on Twitter and get involved in the discussion in the comment section below.

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