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Published a picture of the wrong man in the news about Freyja's murder

In a news item Se og Hør, the picture was said to be of the man at a birthday party in Iceland this year 2017.

Lokalavisen says in its coverage that the newspaper has received an offer from a man to buy pictures of the man who has confessed to the murder of Freyja. He said he took the pictures in Iceland four years ago. In an e-mail he said that he was a friend of the man and brought him to Iceland at that time.

Lokalavisen investigated the case with Freyja’s family in Iceland as no one knew the name. And so the purchase did not materialize.

Journalists then decided to dive deeper when Se og Hør published one of these pictures on their website on Saturday. “It is not good. This is my dad, “says the man’s daughter in the photo that Se og Hør published and Lokalavisen spoke to.

In their news item, Se og Hør told an unnamed friend that Freyja had broken up when he found something in his computer. And the news found its way to Icelandic online media, among other things. The paper’s editor says in an interview with Lokalavisen that he does not want to comment on whether the interviewee is the same person who sold the film to the paper.

He also denies that the pictures were published without criticism, but that the paper did its utmost to confirm that the image was of the right person. “Of course it is horrible if the person in question knows himself in the picture and then reads an article that he has twice been convicted of murder. He should call me so we can talk, “the paper quoted the editor as saying.

Se and Hør have now published an apology on their website where the editor says the paper has been betrayed by its source. “The person in the picture has nothing to do with the murder case. Fortunately, the picture is “blurry”, but it is unfortunate to publish a picture of the wrong man in such a serious matter. This should not happen. ”

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