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Protesters themselves planned the invasion

Donald Trump, former President of the United States. AFP

Donald Trump’s lawyers say protesters have entered the Capitol House on their own initiative during the riots there on January 6 this year.

The former president is thus not guilty of having encouraged it. His lawyers also say that the Democrats’ attempt to get Trump convicted of a misdemeanor after he resigns is a violation of the Constitution.

Trials begin in the Senate tomorrow. Trump has said he will not testify. The litigation of his lawyers is in fact what can be expected of them when the case begins.

Among them is a reiteration that documents from the FBI show that the invasion of the parliament building was planned many days in advance, so that the president’s words could not have started it the same day.

Trump is the only president in the history of the United States to have been charged twice for misconduct and the third to be charged at all.

BBC News on the matter.

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