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Photo: Cristiano Ronaldo could be set to wear the iconic Manchester United No.7 shirt once more

It’s a number that’s long been synonymous with Manchester United’s great players.

The iconic No.7 shirt currently being worn by Edinson Cavani, was previously worn by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and George Best.

Now that Ronaldo is back, all of the talk is on which number he’ll be given.

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The Daily Mail note that unless Cavani leaves or the Premier League offer special dispensation, then the No.7 isn’t an option.

However, the Premier League website already have Ronaldo’s picture in situ and place him as United’s No.7.

Picture courtesy of PremierLeague.com

It could be an administrative error given that they’re also showing Cavani with the same number, but it would make the move even more special for Ronaldo if he’s able to be reunited with ‘his’ shirt number.

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