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People are only just realising what Man Utd star Casemiro’s real name is

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FOOTBALL fans are just realising a little-known fact about Manchester United star Casemiro. Everyone knows the Brazil international is a beast in midfield after his stunning nine-year stint at Real Madrid and dazzling displays at Old Trafford this season. 2There is a little-known fact about Manchester United star CasemiroCredit: BBC 2Manchester United star Casemiro is actually called Carlos Henrique CasimiroCredit: Getty But very few are aware that the midfielder’s name is in fact NOT Casemiro. It’s actually, Carlos Henrique Casimiro – but the 30-year-old has been going by a modified version of his surname. The Brazilian has previously addressed that issue and explained why his name is misspelled. It all started during his youth years in Brazil when he played a fantastic game for Sao Paulo and people kept mispronouncing him. And with the serial Champions League winner being “superstitious”, he hasn’t bothered to change it. Casemiro told Football Focus: “So the thing is, my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro, with an ‘I’ there.  “I remember that I played a game for Sao Paulo and the club got my name wrong. They wrote it with an ‘E’. “I played really well in that game and as I’m a superstitious person, I said to them: ‘Just leave it like that, as things are going well!’ Most read in Football BETTING SPECIAL – BEST FOOTBALL BETTING SITES IN THE UK “So the name stuck, but my name is Carlos Henrique Casimiro. “It was a mistake made in one game, the name stuck and I said: ‘No need to change it, leave it as it is’.” Casemiro joined United last summer following a £70million deal with Real. There was initial scepticism due to his age and large transfer fee but the midfielder proved his doubters wrong very quickly. Casemiro has been a rock in the middle of the park and has already amassed two goals and three assists in 16 Premier League appearances to help put United in the title hunt.

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