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Painkillers affect the effectiveness of the vaccine

Íbúfen og önnur bólgueyðandi lyf eru esögð hafa áhrif á …

Ibufen and other NSAIDs are said to affect the body’s production of antibodies after vaccination. AFP

It is best to avoid the use of analgesics before and after vaccination with Covid – 02 unless they are taken regularly due to existing pain. The United States Department of Epidemiology warns of this. published in the Journal of Virology Journal of Virology.

Vaccines work in the base so that they deceive the body so that he thinks he has been vaccinated against the virus and then begins to make antibodies. This can cause soreness, fever, headache and muscle aches as well as other temporary inflammatory symptoms.

May reduce the immune response

“These symptoms mean that your immune system is waking up and the vaccine is working,” said Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Department of Epidemiology, at a recent press conference.

Certain anti-inflammatory painkillers, including ibuprofen, may reduce the body’s immune response and thus the body’s antibodies.

Taken It is stated in the discussion that those who take such painkillers on the advice of a doctor should not stop them because of vaccination, at least not without consulting a doctor.

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